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  1. Psychosocial and behavioral outcomes of genomic testing in cancer: a systematic review
  2. Distress, uncertainty, and positive experiences associated with receiving information on personal genomic risk of melanoma
  3. The PiGeOn project: protocol of a longitudinal study examining psychosocial and ethical issues and outcomes in germline genomic sequencing for cancer
  4. The PiGeOn project: protocol for a longitudinal study examining psychosocial, behavioural and ethical issues and outcomes in cancer tumour genomic profiling
  5. Genetics in palliative oncology: a missing agenda? A review of the literature and future directions
  6. Why do We Find It so Hard to Discuss Spirituality? A Qualitative Exploration of Attitudinal Barriers
  7. Spiritual history-taking
  8. Palliative care specialists’ beliefs about spiritual care
  9. Creating a safe space: A qualitative inquiry into the way doctors discuss spirituality
  10. Do patients want doctors to talk about spirituality? A systematic literature review
  11. Treatment of holistic suffering in cancer: A systematic literature review
  12. Conceptual analysis of suffering in cancer: a systematic review
  13. Assessment of spiritual suffering in the cancer context: A systematic literature review
  14. The doctor’s role in helping dying patients with cancer achieve peace: A qualitative study
  15. Spiritual support of cancer patients and the role of the doctor