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  1. Code2Snapshot: Using Code Snapshots for Learning Representations of Source Code
  2. FeatureExtractor: A tool for extracting key input features of code intelligence models
  3. ProgramTransformer: A tool for generating semantically equivalent transformed programs
  4. Memorization and Generalization in Neural Code Intelligence Models
  5. Syntax-guided program reduction for understanding neural code intelligence models
  6. Understanding Neural Code Intelligence Models through Program Simplification
  7. Generalizability of Neural Program Models with respect to Semantic-Preserving Program Transformation
  8. Configuring Test Generators using Bug Reports
  9. Towards demystifying dimensions of source code embeddings
  10. Adaptive weighted fuzzy rule-based system for the risk level assessment of heart disease
  11. Genetic algorithm based fuzzy decision support system for the diagnosis of heart disease
  12. Fuzzy membership function generation using DMS-PSO for the diagnosis of heart disease