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  1. Ethnicity, culture and human development of Bangladesh’s tea workers
  2. No dreams, no gain: aspiration failure, poverty traps and the tea workers’ children in Bangladesh
  3. The capacity to aspire for higher education of Bangladesh tea workers’ children
  4. Emergence of Islam and the Formation of Muslim Society in Bangladesh
  5. Jamaat and Bangladesh: Towards a Cohesive Narrative
  6. The Rohingya Crisis: Perspectives of Bangladeshi Religious Leaders
  7. Faithful Participation: The ‘Ulama in Bangladeshi Politics
  8. A critical appraisal of the Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami
  9. Voices of the poor: demystifying the nexus between rights and agency of Bangladesh’s tea workers
  10. Islam and democracy in South Asia (Book)
  11. Islam and Democracy in South Asia: An Introduction
  12. Framework: Religion, Secularism, and Democracy
  13. Data Collection and Analysis
  14. Islam and Democracy: A Philosophical Debate
  15. The Advent of Islam and Growth of Muslim Society in Bengal
  16. Political Islam in Pre-independent Bangladesh
  17. Piety and Politics: Secularization and Islamization in Bangladesh
  18. Islam, Islamism, and Democracy in Bangladesh
  19. The “Islam Question” in South Asia
  20. The Rampal Power Plant, Ecological Disasters and Environmental Resistance in Bangladesh
  21. Applying Foucault's disciplinary power to microcredit programmes in Bangladesh
  22. Capability, poverty and social vulnerability of tea garden workers in Bangladesh
  23. Politics and Islamic revivalism in Bangladesh
  24. Islam, Politics and Secularism in Bangladesh: Contesting the Dominant Narratives
  25. Islam and Democracy: Conflicts and Congruence
  26. The Tipaimukh Dam, ecological disasters and environmental resistance beyond borders