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  1. Effects of bidirectional rib arrangements on turbulent flow structure and heat transfer characteristics of a two-pass channel for turbine blade internal cooling
  2. Hydrothermal properties with entropy generation effects on a hybrid nanofluid considering thermal radiation on a stretching/shrinking sheet
  3. Multi-objective hydrothermal performance optimization of a microchannel heat sink equipped with delta winglet vortex generators using NSGA-II genetic algorithm
  4. Numerical investigation on the impact of different design arrangements of helical heat exchangers with varying cross-sections utilizing ternary hybrid nanofluids
  5. Comparative analysis on melting performance of PCM using rectangular and branching fin configurations in a shell and tube type thermal energy storing unit
  6. Speed-dependent impact analysis on a car bumper structure using various materials
  7. Artificial neural network (ANN) analysis on thermophysical properties of magnetohydrodynamics flow with radiation in an arc-shaped enclosure with a rotating cylinder
  8. Design of a Novel Aerofoil of a Light Aircraft for Robust Aerodynamic Performance at High Reynolds Number Regime Using XFLR5
  9. Enhancing the performance of thermal energy storage by adding nano-particles with paraffin phase change materials
  10. Analysis of mixed convection under radiation and magnetohydrodynamics utilizing Kerosene-CNT nanofluid in a lid-driven cavity
  11. Rotational effect of a cylinder on hydro-thermal characteristics in a partially heated square enclosure using CNT-water nanofluid
  12. Numerical investigation of the hydrothermal performance of novel vortex generators in a rectangular channel by employing inclination and rotational angles
  13. Thermal enhancement and entropy generation of an air-cooled 3D radiator with modified fin geometry and perforation: A numerical study
  14. Hydrothermal characteristics, entropy and kinetic energy investigation in a sinusoidal cavity for variable wavelengths and solid volume fraction using Cu-water nanofluid
  15. Prediction of carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) technology in a 125 MW tangentially coal-fired subcritical thermal power plant for retrofitting in Bangladesh
  16. Enhancing energy harvesting performance of a flat plate solar collector through integrated carbon-based and metal-based nanofluids
  17. Thermo-hydrodynamic characteristics and entropy generation in a tube heat exchanger using multiple head ribbed geometries
  18. Effect of Richardson number on transient double diffusive mixed convection: A thermo-hydrodynamic study
  19. Investigation of thermal performance and entropy generation in a helical heat exchanger with multiple rib profiles using AlO-water nanofluid
  20. Double-Diffusive Unsteady Flow in a Roof-Based Air Ventilation System with Variable Prandtl Number
  21. Thermophysical properties of Kerosene oil-based CNT nanofluid on unsteady mixed convection with MHD and radiative heat flux
  22. Impact behavior of energy absorbing helmet liners with PA12 lattice structures: A computational study
  23. Radiation effect on unsteady MHD mixed convection of kerosene oil-based CNT nanofluid using finite element analysis
  24. Effect of unsteady relative thermal and concentration boundary layer thickness on mixed convection in a partially heated contaminated enclosure
  25. Numerical study on heat and mass transfer characteristics in a confined enclosure with variable buoyancy ratio
  26. Periodic Unsteady Natural Convection on CNT Nano-powder Liquid in a Triangular Shaped Mechanical Chamber
  27. Geometrical and coil revolution effects on the performance enhancement of a helical heat exchanger using nanofluids
  28. Numerical study of low Reynolds number effect on MHD mixed convection using CNT-oil nanofluid with radiation
  29. Unsteady periodic natural convection in a triangular enclosure heated sinusoidally from the bottom using CNT-water nanofluid
  30. Improvement of an exhaust gas recirculation cooler using discrete ribbed and perforated louvered strip vortex generator