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  1. Prediction of carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) technology in a 125 MW tangentially coal-fired subcritical thermal power plant for retrofitting in Bangladesh
  2. Effect of Richardson number on transient double diffusive mixed convection: A thermo-hydrodynamic study
  3. Investigation of thermal performance and entropy generation in a helical heat exchanger with multiple rib profiles using AlO-water nanofluid
  4. Double-Diffusive Unsteady Flow in a Roof-Based Air Ventilation System with Variable Prandtl Number
  5. Thermophysical properties of Kerosene oil-based CNT nanofluid on unsteady mixed convection with MHD and radiative heat flux
  6. Impact behavior of energy absorbing helmet liners with PA12 lattice structures: A computational study
  7. Radiation effect on unsteady MHD mixed convection of kerosene oil-based CNT nanofluid using finite element analysis
  8. Effect of unsteady relative thermal and concentration boundary layer thickness on mixed convection in a partially heated contaminated enclosure
  9. Numerical study on heat and mass transfer characteristics in a confined enclosure with variable buoyancy ratio
  10. Periodic Unsteady Natural Convection on CNT Nano-powder Liquid in a Triangular Shaped Mechanical Chamber
  11. Geometrical and coil revolution effects on the performance enhancement of a helical heat exchanger using nanofluids
  12. Numerical study of low Reynolds number effect on MHD mixed convection using CNT-oil nanofluid with radiation
  13. Unsteady periodic natural convection in a triangular enclosure heated sinusoidally from the bottom using CNT-water nanofluid
  14. Improvement of an exhaust gas recirculation cooler using discrete ribbed and perforated louvered strip vortex generator