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  1. Target vessel for Mongla Port of Bangladesh: Navigational perspective
  2. Simulation of Sidr-like cyclone using MRI storm surge model with various initial strength: A Bay of Bengal context
  3. Preface: International Conference on Civil Engineering for Sustainable Development (ICCESD)
  4. Environmental Flow Assessment of Gorai River in Bangladesh
  5. Morphological response of the Pussur River, Bangladesh to modern-day dredging: Implications for navigability
  6. Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment: A Case Study of South West Coastal Community of Bangladesh
  7. Preliminary Study on Siltation in Pussur Navigation Channel with Regulating Structure
  8. Change in Transverse Slope of Water Surface at River Bend: A Numerical Study
  9. Two-Dimensional Simulation of Flows in an Open Channel with Groin-Like Structures by iRIC Nays2DH
  10. Effect of sea level rise induced permanent inundation on the livelihood of polder enclosed beel communities in Bangladesh: people's perception
  11. Development of a Nonlineark-εModel Incorporating Strain and Rotation Parameters for Prediction of Complex Turbulent Flows
  12. Unsteady RANS and LES Simulation of an Ideal Rankine Vortex Decay
  13. URANS Computations of Shallow Grid Turbulence
  14. Unsteady Simulation of Turbulent Axial Vortex by Means of a Non-Linear k-.EPSILON. Model
  15. A Non-Linear k-.EPSILON. Model to Predict the Spatial Change of Turbulent Structures in Large Scale Vortices
  16. Multiple Tandem Jets in Cross-Flow
  17. Approximate Solution for an Axisymmetric Swirling Jet Using Non-Linear k-.EPSILON. Model with Consideration of Realizability