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  1. Cancellation of birefringence in DBR laser through principal axis offset by a rotation of 90°
  2. Laser-ablated clad grating sensors for reinforcement corrosion measurement in wet conditions
  3. Monitoring Corrosion Process of Reinforced Concrete Structure Using FBG Strain Sensor
  4. Fabrication and characterization of laser-ablated cladding resonances of two different-diameter photosensitive optical fibers
  5. LP01–LP11Cross-Mode Interference in a Chirped Grating Inscribed in Two-Mode Fiber
  6. Dynamic LP01-LP11 Mode Conversion by a Tilted Binary Phase Plate
  7. Tilted Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors for Reinforcement Corrosion Measurement in Marine Concrete Structure
  8. PCF-Cavity FBG Fabry-Perot Resonator for Simultaneous Measurement of Pressure and Temperature
  9. Effect of CO 2 Laser Annealing on Stress Applying Parts Contributing Toward Birefringence Modification in Regenerated Grating in Polarization Maintaining Fiber
  10. Mode Coupling in Few-Mode FBG
  11. In-fiber Fabry-Perot resonator for ultrasonic sensing
  12. Cladless few mode fiber grating sensor
  13. Fiber grating visibility during grating formation
  14. Etched taper FBG for RI and Temperature Sensing
  15. FBG for Salinity and Liquid Level sensing
  16. Regenerated Gratings in PS fiber
  17. Tapered Optical Fiber for RI sensing
  18. A review of Fabry-Perot interferometer fiber sensors
  19. Web-Based Service for Collaborative Authoring Learning Using Grid Portal
  20. A Distributed Learning and Teaching Environment across Institutions based on Advanced Grid Portal Technology
  21. Performance evaluation of multidimensional parabolic type problems on distributed computing systems
  22. Modeling and Simulation of Nanoscale Temperature Behavior for Multilayer Full Chip System
  23. Modeling and simulation of nanoscale temperature behavior for multilayer full chip system
  24. Technology Review: Image Enhancement, Feature Extraction and Template Protection of a Fingerprint Authentication System
  25. A Review of the Parallel Algorithms for Solving Multidimensional PDE Problems
  26. Parallel System for Abnormal Cell Growth Prediction Based on Fast Numerical Simulation
  27. Some Numerical Methods for Temperature and Mass Transfer Simulation on the Dehydration of Herbs
  28. The Visualization of Three Dimensional Brain Tumors` Growth on Distributed Parallel Computer Systems
  29. A Secured Fingerprint Authentication System
  30. Biometric template protection using watermarking with hidden password encryption
  31. Multimodality to improve security and privacy in fingerprint authentication system
  32. One-dimensional finite element discretization of crack propagation through parallel computation
  33. An Application Of Pde To Predict Brain Tumor Growth Using High Performance Computing System
  34. Web-Based Service for Collaborative Authoring Learning Using Grid Portal