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  1. Conversion of energy equation for fiber suspensions in dusty fluid turbulent flow
  2. Interaction of complex short wave envelope and real long wave described by the coupled Schrödinger–Boussinesq equation with variable coefficients and beta space fractional evolution
  3. Analytic wave solutions of beta space fractional Burgers equation to study the interactions of multi-shocks in thin viscoelastic tube filled
  4. Overtaking Collisions of Ion Acoustic N-Shocks in a Collisionless Plasma with Pair-Ion and (α,q) Distribution Function for Electrons
  5. Bifurcation analysis with chaotic motion of oblique plane wave for describing a discrete nonlinear electrical transmission line with conformable derivative
  6. Dust ion acoustic multi-shock wave excitations in the weakly relativistic plasmas with nonthermal nonextensive electrons and positrons
  7. Nonlinear ion acoustic solitary waves with dynamical behaviours in the relativistic plasmas
  8. Periodic and rogue waves for Heisenberg models of ferromagnetic spin chains with fractional beta derivative evolution and obliqueness
  9. Nonlinear Schamel Korteweg-De Vries–Burgers Equation to Report Ion-Acoustic Waves in the Relativistic Plasmas
  10. Oblique resonance wave phenomena for nonlinear coupled evolution equations with fractional temporal evolution
  11. Resonance nonlinear wave phenomena with obliqueness and fractional time evolution via the novel auxiliary ordinary differential equation method
  12. Face to Face Collisions of Ion Acoustic Multi-Solitons and Phase Shifts in a Dense Plasma
  13. Nonlinear time fractional Korteweg-de Vries equations for the interaction of wave phenomena in fluid-filled elastic tubes
  14. Oblique closed form solutions of some important fractional evolution equations via the modified Kudryashov method arising in physical problems
  15. Head-on collision of ion acoustic shock waves in electron-positron-ion nonextensive plasmas for weakly and highly relativistic regimes
  16. Obliquely propagating wave solutions to conformable time fractional extended Zakharov–Kuzetsov equation via the generalized exp(− Φ(ξ))-expansion method
  17. Effects of two-temperature ions on head-on collision and phase shifts of dust acoustic single- and multi-solitons in dusty plasma
  18. Head-on collision of ion acoustic solitary waves in electron-positron-ion nonthermal plasmas for weakly and highly relativistic regimes
  19. Oblique propagation of ion acoustic shock waves in weakly and highly relativistic plasmas with nonthermal electrons and positrons
  20. Characterization of atmospheric pressure H2O/O2 gliding arc plasma for the production of OH and O radicals
  21. Effects of trapped electrons on the oblique propagation of ion acoustic solitary waves in electron-positron-ion plasmas
  22. New travelling wave solutions of the (1 + 1)-dimensional cubic nonlinear Schrodinger equation using novel (G′/G)-expansion method
  23. Exact solutions to the (3+1)-dimensional coupled Klein–Gordon–Zakharov equation using exp(−Φ(ξ))-expansion method
  24. Application of the novel (G′/G)-expansion method to construct traveling wave solutions to the positive Gardner-KP equation
  25. Ion acoustic shock and solitary waves in highly relativistic plasmas with nonextensive electrons and positrons
  26. Two-Dimensional Nonlinear Propagation of Ion Acoustic Waves through KPB and KP Equations in Weakly Relativistic Plasmas
  27. New analytical solutions for propagation of small but finite amplitude ion-acoustic waves in a dense plasma
  28. Exact Solutions to the (2+1)-Dimensional Boussinesq Equation via exp(Φ(η))-Expansion Method
  29. Exact traveling wave solutions to the (3+1)-dimensional mKdV–ZK and the (2+1)-dimensional Burgers equations via exp(−Φ(η))-expansion method
  30. Ion acoustic solitary waves in plasmas with nonextensive electrons, Boltzmann positrons and relativistic thermal ions
  31. An exponential expansion method and its application to the strain wave equation in microstructured solids
  32. Traveling wave solutions for some important coupled nonlinear physical models via the coupled Higgs equation and the Maccari system
  33. Exact traveling wave solutions to the Klein–Gordon equation using the novel (G′/G)-expansion method