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  1. Oxygen Reduction Oxygen Evolution Catalysts
  2. Cobalt sulfides as efficient catalyst towards oxygen reduction reactions
  3. Metal-organic framework-derived core-shell-structured nitrogen-doped CoCx/FeCo@C hybrid supported by reduced graphene oxide sheets as high performance bifunctional electrocatalysts for ORR and OER
  4. Hafnium sulphide-carbon nanotube composite as Pt support and active site-enriched catalyst for high performance methanol and ethanol oxidations in alkaline electrolytes
  5. Electrochemical impacts of sheet-like hafnium phosphide and hafnium disulfide catalysts bonded with reduced graphene oxide sheets for bifunctional oxygen reactions in alkaline electrolytes
  6. Prussian blue analog-derived 2D ultrathin CoFe2O4 nanosheets as high-activity electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction in alkaline and neutral media
  7. Investigation on the Catalytic Performance of Reduced-Graphene-Oxide-Interpolated FeS2 and FeS for Oxygen Reduction Reaction
  8. Co2C or Co4N nanoparticles as an efficient and durable fuel cell catalyst for oxygen reduction
  9. Water soluble graphene as electrolyte in mg-air battery