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  1. Global post-medieval/historical archaeology: what’s happening around the world 2019?
  2. Stuff. Catalogue of Archaeological Finds from Amsterdam’s North/South Metro Line
  3. Travelogue of an Almohad Sherd: from Twelfth-Century al-Andalus to Fourteenth-Century Flanders*
  4. Making a Mountain Out of a Molehill? A Low-Cost and Time-Efficient Molehill Survey of the Lost Medieval Harbor Site of Monnikerede, Belgium
  5. A Portuguese lifestyle in the Flemish countryside: ceramics of the Ximenez family (1595-c. 1700)
  6. Dietary practices at the castle of Middelburg, Belgium: Organic residue analysis of 16th- to 17th-century ceramics
  7. Exploring an Archaeology of the Dutch War of Independence in Flanders, Belgium
  8. Notes on the quantification of post-medieval pottery in the Low Countries