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  1. The Relationship between Cool and Warm Season Moisture over the Central United States, 1685–2015
  2. The Climate Response of Cedrela Fissilis Annual Ring Width in the Rio São Francisco Basin, Brazil
  3. Tree rings and rainfall in the equatorial Amazon
  4. Tree ring reconstructed rainfall over the southern Amazon Basin
  5. The Mexican Drought Atlas: Tree-ring reconstructions of the soil moisture balance during the late pre-Hispanic, colonial, and modern eras
  6. The Relationship Between Earlywood and Latewood Ring-Growth Across North America
  7. Asynchrony in key Holocene chronologies: Evidence from Irish bog pines
  8. New ages for shoreline stumps along Lake Winnipeg, Canada, and their implications for paleo-lake level estimates
  9. The rarity of absent growth rings in Northern Hemisphere forests outside the American Southwest