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  1. Computer Network Simulation with ns-3: A Systematic Literature Review
  2. Towards Human Cell Simulation
  3. Exploiting CloudSim in a multiformalism modeling approach for cloud based systems
  4. A performance modeling framework for lambda architecture based applications
  5. Adapting MCP and HLFET Algorithms to Multiple Simultaneous Scheduling
  6. An IoT-based monitoring approach for cultural heritage sites: The Matera case
  7. Modeling Hybrid Systems in SIMTHESys
  8. Modeling and Evaluating the Effects of Big Data Storage Resource Allocation in Global Scale Cloud Architectures
  9. Improving reliability and performances in large scale distributed applications with erasure codes and replication
  10. Advances in modelling and simulation for big-data applications (AMSBA)
  11. Modeling Replication and Erasure Coding in Large Scale Distributed Storage Systems Based on CEPH
  12. Power Consumption Analysis of Replicated Virtual Applications in Heterogeneous Architectures
  13. Simulating Hybrid Systems Within SIMTHESys Multi-formalism Models
  14. Evaluating the impact of eDoS attacks to cloud facilities
  15. Modeling and analysis of performances for concurrent multithread applications on multicore and graphics processing unit systems
  16. Multiformalism and Multisolution Strategies for Systems Performance Evaluation
  17. Exploiting Bayesian Networks for the Analysis of Combined Attack Trees
  18. Performance evaluation of NoSQL big-data applications using multi-formalism models
  19. Exploiting mean field analysis to model performances of big data architectures
  20. Workload Characterization Of Multithreaded Applications On Multicore Architectures
  21. Modeling performances of concurrent big data applications
  23. Modeling Apache Hive based applications in Big Data architectures
  24. Theory and Application of Multi-Formalism Modeling
  25. Exploiting product forms solution techniques in multiformalism modeling
  26. A Performance Modeling Language For Big Data Architectures
  27. Estimation of the Energy Consumption of Mobile Sensors in WSN Environmental Monitoring Applications
  28. Petri net based evaluation of energy consumption in wireless sensor nodes
  29. The SIMTHESys multiformalism modeling framework
  30. Multiformalism to Support Software Rejuvenation Modeling
  31. PerfBPEL: a graph-based approach for the performance analysis of BPEL SOA applications
  32. Defining Formalisms for Performance Evaluation With SIMTHESys
  33. Performability Modeling of Exceptions-Aware Systems in Multiformalism Tools
  34. Exploiting multiformalism models for testing and performance evaluation in SIMTHESys
  35. Improving the MHIST-p Algorithm for Multivariate Histograms of Continuous Data
  36. Adaptive monitoring of marine disasters with intelligent mobile sensor networks
  37. Element Based Semantics in Multi Formalism Performance Models
  38. Interfaces and Binding in Component Based Development of Formal Models
  39. A Model Analysis of a Distributed Monitoring System Using a Multi-formalism Approach
  40. Using repairable fault trees for the evaluation of design choices for critical repairable systems
  41. Compositional Modeling of Complex Systems: Contact Center Scenarios in OsMoSys
  42. DrawNet++: a flexible framework for building dependability models
  43. An Introduction to Multiformalism Modeling
  44. Designing User-Defined Modeling Languages with SIMTHESys