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  1. ML-enabled Service Discovery for Microservice Architecture: a QoS Approach
  2. Developing and Evolving a Digital Twin of the Organization
  3. Architecting decentralized control in large-scale self-adaptive systems
  4. A Systematic Literature Review on Transfer Learning for Predictive Maintenance in Industry 4.0
  5. Performance Modelling of Intelligent Transportation Systems: Experience Report
  6. A Machine Learning Approach to Service Discovery for Microservice Architectures
  7. Smart-troubleshooting connected devices: Concept, challenges and opportunities
  8. Decentralized learning for self-adaptive QoS-aware service assembly
  9. Data-Driven Fault Diagnosis of Once-through Benson Boilers
  10. To what extent formal methods are applicable for performance analysis of smart cyber-physical systems?
  11. eCAS 2018 Foreword
  12. SA-Chord: A Self-Adaptive P2P Overlay Network
  13. CyPhEF
  14. Model-Driven Engineering of Decentralized Control in Cyber-Physical Systems
  15. Building design-time and run-time knowledge for QoS-based component assembly
  16. IoT-Enabled Physical Telerehabilitation Platform
  17. G<sc>o</sc>P<sc>rime</sc>: A Fully Decentralized Middleware for Utility-Aware Service Assembly
  18. Pure Edge Computing Platform for the Future Internet
  19. Reinforcement Learning Techniques for Decentralized Self-adaptive Service Assembly
  20. Design for Sustainability = Runtime Adaptation ∪ Evolution
  21. Engineering Future Internet applications: The Prime approach
  22. QoS-based Feedback for Service Compositions
  23. Microevolution of Pervasive Services
  24. ubiREST: A RESTful Service-Oriented Middleware for Ubiquitous Networking
  25. Model-driven engineering of middleware-based ubiquitous services
  26. Engineering Emergent Semantics into Pervasive Resource Discovery
  27. Resource-Oriented Middleware Abstractions for Pervasive Computing
  28. PaCE: A Data-Flow Coordination Language for Asynchronous Network-Based Applications
  29. ubiSOAP: A Service-Oriented Middleware for Ubiquitous Networking
  30. RESTful Service Architectures for Pervasive Networking Environments
  31. Model-Driven Management of Services
  32. Exploring Multi-Path Communication in Hybrid Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  33. Architectural Issues of Adaptive Pervasive Systems
  34. Architecting Service Oriented Middleware for pervasive networking
  35. ARAMIS 2008: The First Int. Workshop on Automated engineeRing of Autonomic and run-tiMe evolvIng Systems
  36. A Perspective on the Future of Middleware-based Software Engineering
  37. Model-based system reconfiguration for dynamic performance management
  38. Energetic performance of service-oriented multi-radio networks
  39. Rapid System Development Via Product Line Architecture Implementation
  40. Uncertain event-based model for egocentric context sensing
  41. Design and evaluation of a support service for mobile, wireless publish/subscribe applications
  42. The Application of Dependence Analysis to Software Architecture Descriptions
  43. Yet another framework for supporting mobile and collaborative work