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  1. Bridging the gap between mathematical research and data scientists
  2. Application of Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks to Efficiently Generate Photon Phase Space in Medical Linear Accelerators of Different Primary Beam Parameters
  3. Isodoses—a set theory-based patient-specific QA measure to compare planned and delivered isodose distributions in photon radiotherapy
  4. Metody i zastosowania sztucznej inteligencji
  5. Are gamma passing rate and dose–volume histogram QA metrics correlated?
  6. Application of Elastic Shape Analysis to User Authentication and Identification
  7. Statistical approach to the selection of the tolerances for distance to agreement improves the quality control of the dose delivery in radiotherapy
  8. Use of statistical approaches to improve the quality control of the dose delivery in radiotherapy
  9. Application of Elastic Principal Component Analysis to Person Recognition Based on Screen Gestures
  10. Squirrel-Cage Induction Motor Malfunction Detection Using Computational Intelligence Methods
  11. The Elastic k-Nearest Neighbours Classifier for Touch Screen Gestures
  12. Application of Computational Intelligence Methods for the Automated Identification of Paper-Ink Samples Based on LIBS
  13. Closest Paths in Graph Drawings under an Elastic Metric
  15. An adaptive multicut-HDMR map generation
  16. Experiments with an adaptive multicut-HDMR map generation for slowly varying continuous multivariate functions
  17. A Multi-level Hierarchical Approach for Configuring Business Processes
  18. A Note on Machine Learning Approach to Analyze the Results of Pairwise Comparison Based Parametric Evaluation of Research Units
  19. Rule-Based Knowledge Management in Social Threat Monitor