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  1. Confinement Coefficient Predictive Modeling of FRP-Confined RC Columns
  2. Bio-inspired predictive models for shear strength of reinforced concrete beams having steel stirrups
  3. Proposed soft computing models for moment capacity prediction of reinforced concrete columns
  4. Classification of failure modes in ductile and non-ductile concrete joints
  5. Moment capacity estimation of spirally reinforced concrete columns using ANFIS
  6. Adaptive neuro‐fuzzy inference modelling and sensitivity analysis for capacity estimation of fiber reinforced polymer‐strengthened circular reinforced concrete columns
  7. Shear Failure Capacity Prediction of Concrete Beam–Column Joints in Terms of ANFIS and GMDH
  8. An innovative approach for bond strength modeling in FRP strip-to-concrete joints using adaptive neuro–fuzzy inference system
  9. Evaluation and Verification of Finite Element Analytical Models in Reinforced Concrete Members
  10. An innovative approach for compressive strength estimation of mortars having calcium inosilicate minerals
  11. Shear Strength Prediction of RC Beams Using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System
  12. The Behavior of Concrete Cores in Suspended Tall Buildings
  13. Compressive Strength of Mortars Admixed with Wollastonite and Microsilica
  14. Earthquake magnitude prediction by adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) based on fuzzy C-means algorithm
  15. Application of Soft Computing to Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with Fibre Reinforced Polymers: A State-of-the-Art Review