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  1. Partial sums of a generalized q-differential operator
  2. A subclass of uniformly convex functions and a corresponding subclass of starlike function with fixed coefficient associated with q-analogue of Ruscheweyh operator
  3. Differential subordination results for Mittag-Leffler type functions with bounded turning property
  4. Coefficient estimates for a subclass of analytic bi-univalent involving faber polynomial and fox-wright function
  5. Class of Analytic Function Related with Uniformly Convex and Janowski’s Functions
  6. A Note on Caputo’s Derivative Operator Interpretation in Economy
  7. Certain Geometric Properties of Generalized Dini Functions
  8. Coefficients Bounds for Certain Subclass of Biunivalent Functions Associated with Ruscheweyh q-Differential Operator
  9. Uniformly Geometric Functions Involving Constructed Operators
  10. Study on subclasses of analytic functions
  11. Decomposition Technique and a Family of Efficient Schemes for Nonlinear Equations
  12. A Subclass of Analytic Functions Related tok-Uniformly Convex and Starlike Functions
  13. New Subclasses concerning Some Analytic and Univalent Functions
  14. On Fekete-Szegö Problems for Certain Subclasses Defined byq-Derivative
  15. On Coefficient Problems of an Operator with Respect to Symmetric Point
  16. A Note on q–Calculus