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  1. Re-examining international social work theory: “Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?”
  2. Incorporating co-created knowledge into mental health social work education in Japan: an organizational case study
  3. Process of constructing alternative social work discourses in Asia: A case study of Buddhist social work as social representations
  4. An exploration of contextually relevant curricula in international social work education: learning from the experiences of selected Asian countries
  5. Integrating Indigenous Perspectives into International Social Work Education: A Case Study in Japan
  6. Exploring the Social Representations of Social Work in the Sri Lankan Cultural Context: A Qualitative Study
  7. An inductive content analysis of international social welfare syllabi at national and public universities in Japan: Towards a glocal subject design
  8. Exploring how international social workers perceive culturally relevant practices: A case study of Japanese social workers’ experiences in other Asian countries
  9. Challenges of International Social Work Research During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons Learnt from A Bilateral Collaborative Study
  10. Challenges of international social work research during the COVID-19 pandemic: Lessons learnt from a bilateral collaborative study
  11. Education and training opportunities for local and indigenous social workers: case studies in disability-related fields from an international development perspective
  12. Lived Experience of Disability Equality Training Facilitators: Narratives of Disabled People From Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  13. Exploring subjective experiences of international social workers in Asia: Content analysis of Japanese field reports
  14. Mixed-Methods Programme Evaluation of Disability Equality Training (DET) in Mongolia
  15. Announcement of doctoral theses
  16. Consolidating information on disability-inclusive policies: a case study on white papers in Mongolia from the perspective of international technical cooperation
  17. Challenges in Action Research on Pluralistic Disability Statistics: An International Researcher’s Perspective
  18. Developmental Social Work in Disability Issues
  19. Experiences of disabled people making the transition from vocational training to employment in Sri Lanka: an exploratory study
  20. Participation of disabled youths in religious activities: Indigenous social work practices in rural Sri Lanka
  21. Developmental Social Work for Promoting the Socioeconomic Participation of Persons with Disabilities: An Application of the Capability Approach
  22. The relationship between the community participation of disabled youth and socioeconomic factors: mixed-methods approach in rural Sri Lanka
  23. The Impact of Community-Based Rehabilitation in a Post-Conflict Environment of Sri Lanka
  24. Dilemmas and Challenges in Participant Observation: Lessons From Research on Community-Based Rehabilitation in Rural Sri Lanka
  25. Educational Opportunity, Post-School Life and CBR: A Multisectoral Approach in Rural Sri Lanka
  26. Integration of Religion and Spirituality With Social Work Practice in Disability Issues
  27. Developing Local Resources in Community-Based Rehabilitation Programme in Sri Lanka
  28. Community Mobilisation in a CBR Programme in a Rural Area of Sri Lanka