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  1. An enhanced distance-dependent electric field model for contact-separation triboelectric nanogenerator: Air-breakdown limit as a case study
  2. 4D Printing of Smart Magnetic-Based Robotic Materials
  3. Nanothorn Photoanodes: A New Approach for Efficiency Enhancement in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
  4. Effects of printing parameters on 4D-printed PLA actuators
  5. 4D printing parameters optimisation for bi-stable soft robotic gripper design
  6. Nanostructured Silicon-Based Surface Acoustic Wave Sensor for CO2 Gas Detection
  7. Control of 4D Printed Actuators Twisting Behavior via Printing Direction
  8. Development of a 4D Printed Variable Stiffness Gripper
  9. A hybrid EEG and head motion system for smart home control for disabled people
  10. Silicon Nanostructure based Surface Acoustic Wave Gas Sensor
  11. Towards edge devices implementation: deep learning model with visualization for COVID-19 prediction from chest X-ray
  12. Pattern-Driven 4D Printed PLA Actuators
  13. Bioinspired Pattern-Driven Single-Material 4D Printing for Self-Morphing Actuators
  14. Novel structural design of wearable thermoelectric generator with vertically oriented thermoelements
  15. Fetal ECG Extraction Using Savitzky-Golay and Butterworth Filters
  16. Joule Heating Activation of 4D Printed Conductive PLA Actuators
  17. Development of 4D-Printed Shape Memory Polymer Large-Stroke XY Micropositioning Stages
  18. Development of COVID-19 Prediction Models from Chest X-Ray Using Transfer Learning
  19. Variable stiffness 4D printing
  20. Thermoelectric Generator: Materials and Applications in Wearable Health Monitoring Sensors and Internet of Things Devices
  21. Development of a 4D-Printed PLA Microgripper
  22. Fetal ECG Extraction from Abdominal ECG Using Chebyshev and Butterworth Filters
  23. Review on recent advances in 4D printing of shape memory polymers
  24. Development of 4D Printed PLA Actuators with an Induced Internal Strain Upon Printing
  25. Techno‐economic analysis of direct combustion and gasification systems for off‐grid energy supply: A case for organic rankine cycle and dual fluidized‐bed
  26. PSO-Based SEIQRD Modeling and Forecasting of COVID-19 Spread in Italy
  27. Heat-assisted μ-electrical discharge machining of silicon
  28. Design of Inductor-Capacitor Circuits for Wireless Power Transfer for Biomedical Applications
  30. Hybrid Hysteresis-Inversion and PSO-Tuned PID Control for Piezoelectric Micropositioning Stages
  31. A Study on the Effect of Electrical Parameters of Zero-Dimensional Cardiovascular System on Aortic Waveform
  32. Performance Comparison of Pre-trained Residual Networks for Classification of the Whole Mammograms with Smaller Dataset
  33. Development of Biomass-fueled Cogeneration Systems for Off-grid Electrification
  34. Energy Efficient Elliptical Concave Visibility Graph Algorithm for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in an Obstacle-rich Environment
  35. MEMS actuators for biomedical applications: a review
  36. Isolation of Fetal ECG Signals from Abdominal ECG Using Wavelet Analysis
  37. PDMS-based dual-channel pneumatic micro-actuator
  38. Detecting Sensor Coordination in a Calibrated Lightning Locating System
  39. A multi-segmented shape memory alloy-based actuator system for endoscopic applications
  40. Hybrid PSO-Tuned PID and Hysteresis-Observer Based Control for Piezoelectric Micropositioning Stages
  41. Geometrical Analysis of Diffuser-Nozzle Elements for Valveless Micropumps
  42. PDMS-based Dual-Channel Pneumatic Microactuator Using Sacrificial Molding Fabrication Technique
  43. Modeling and simulation of a wirelessly-powered thermopneumatic micropump for drug delivery applications
  44. A wirelessly-controlled piezoelectric microvalve for regulated drug delivery
  45. Metamodel-based Optimization of a PID Controller Parameters for a Coupled-tank System
  46. Brainwave-Controlled System for Smart Home Applications
  47. Frequency-Controlled Wireless Passive Thermopneumatic Micromixer
  48. Modeling and Simulation of a Wireless Passive Thermopneumatic Micromixer
  49. Racer: A Simulated Environment Driving Simulator to Investigate Human Driving Skill
  50. Design and fabrication of a novel XYθz monolithic micro-positioning stage driven by NiTi shape-memory-alloy actuators
  51. Development of a shape-memory-alloy micromanipulator based on integrated bimorph microactuators
  52. Thermal analysis of wirelessly powered thermo-pneumatic micropump based on planar LC circuit
  53. Selective wireless control of a passive thermopneumatic micromixer
  54. Wireless powered thermo-pneumatic micropump using frequency-controlled heater
  55. Thermomechanical behavior of bulk NiTi shape-memory-alloy microactuators based on bimorph actuation
  56. A hybrid control approach for precise positioning of a piezo-actuated stage
  57. Resonant Control of a Single-Link Flexible Manipulator
  58. Dynamic Hysteresis Based Modeling Of Piezoelectric Actuators