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  1. Deliberative Qualities of Online Abortion Discourse: Incivility and Intolerance in the American and Irish Abortion Discussions on Twitter
  2. Reproducibility and Scientific Integrity of Big Data Research in Urban Public Health and Digital Epidemiology: A Call to Action
  3. Digital Platform Uses for Help and Support Seeking of Parents With Children Affected by Disabilities: Scoping Review
  4. The power of emotions: Leveraging user generated content for customer experience management
  5. Detecting Suicide Ideation in the Era of Social Media: The Population Neuroscience Perspective
  6. Fast and automated biomarker detection in breath samples with machine learning
  7. The NESTORE e-Coach: Designing a Multi-Domain Pathway to Well-Being in Older Age
  8. The effect of emotional positivity of brand-generated social media messages on consumer attention and information sharing
  9. Ethical issues of collecting, storing, and analyzing geo-referenced tweets for mental health research
  10. A multi-domain ontology on healthy ageing for the characterization of older adults status and behaviour
  11. Real-time geospatial surveillance of localized emotional stress responses to COVID-19: A proof of concept analysis
  12. Space-Time Dependence of Emotions on Twitter after a Natural Disaster
  13. Can Big Data Be Used to Monitor the Mental Health Consequences of COVID-19?
  14. Unpacking uncivil society
  15. A qualitative analysis of sarcasm, irony and related #hashtags on Twitter
  16. Virtual Coaches for Older Adults’ Wellbeing: A Systematic Review
  17. “His Tweets Speak for Themselves”: An Analysis of Donald Trump’s Twitter Behavior
  18. A unified ecological framework for studying effects of digital places on well-being
  19. Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Negative Emotions in New York City After a Natural Disaster as Seen in Social Media
  20. Using geolocated social media for ecological momentary assessments of emotion: Innovative opportunities in psychology science and practice.
  21. What about Mood Swings
  22. Big data opportunities for social behavioral and mental health research
  23. Decision support systems for sustainable logistics
  24. A novel surveillance approach for disaster mental health
  25. Social media analytics in museums: extracting expressions of inspiration
  26. Personal Activity Centres and Geosocial Data Analysis: Combining Big Data with Small Data
  27. Web 1.0 to Web 2.0: an observational study and empirical evidence for the historical r(evolution) of the social web
  28. Social Media based Crowdsourcing
  29. Mental health surveillance after the terrorist attacks in Paris
  30. Advances in Sports Informatics Research
  31. Predicting fluctuations in foreign exchange rates
  32. National Security and Social Media Monitoring: A Presentation of the EMOTIVE and Related Systems
  33. Case based reasoning approach for transaction outcomes prediction on currency markets
  34. Financial news content publishing on
  35. Developing Trading Strategies based on Risk-analysis of Stocks