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  1. Microplastic-mediated transport of PCBs? A depuration study with Daphnia magna
  2. Hydrophobic organic contaminants are not linked to microplastic uptake in Baltic Sea herring
  3. Nanocellulose is not toxic to aquatic animals...But then - why would it be toxic?
  4. Biofilms on microplastics differ from those on natural substrates
  5. Abundance and composition of near surface microplastics and plastic debris in the Stockholm Archipelago, Baltic Sea
  6. Reducing Uncertainty and Confronting Ignorance about the Possible Impacts of Weathering Plastic in the Marine Environment
  7. The Effects of Natural and Anthropogenic Microparticles on Individual Fitness in Daphnia magna
  8. Behavioral, Ecological and Genetic Differentiation in an Open Environment—A Study of a Mysid Population in the Baltic Sea
  9. Too short to spawn? Implications of small body size and swimming distance on successful migration and maturation of the European eel Anguilla anguilla
  10. Multifrequency discrimination of fish and mysids