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  1. Notch‐inducing hydrogels reveal a perivascular switch of mesenchymal stem cell fate
  2. Soft Hydrogels Featuring In-Depth Surface Density Gradients for the Simple Establishment of 3D Tissue Models for Screening Applications
  3. Locally controlling mesenchymal stem cell morphogenesis by 3D PDGF-BB gradients towards the establishment of an in vitro perivascular niche
  4. Density gradients at hydrogel interfaces for enhanced cell penetration
  5. Effect of oxide layer modification of CoCr stent alloys on blood activation and endothelial behavior
  6. Long-term biostability and bioactivity of “fibrin linked” VEGF121in vitro and in vivo
  7. Electrochemical Control of the Enzymatic Polymerization of PEG Hydrogels: Formation of Spatially Controlled Biological Microenvironments