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  1. Critical Assessment of Analytical Techniques in the Search for Biomarkers on Mars: A Mummified Microbial Mat from Antarctica as a Best-Case Scenario
  2. The influence of reaction conditions in aqueous HCN polymerization on the polymer thermal degradation properties
  3. Detection of Macromolecular Fractions in HCN Polymers Using Electrophoretic and Ultrafiltration Techniques
  4. The Role of Aqueous Aerosols in the “Glyoxylate Scenario”: An Experimental Approach
  5. The molecular composition of Cretaceous ambers: Identification and chemosystematic relevance of 1,6-dimethyl-5-alkyltetralins and related bisnorlabdane biomarkers
  6. A Prebiotic Synthesis of Pterins
  7. Further progress into the thermal characterization of HCN polymers
  8. Enantioselective Crystallization of Sodium Chlorate in the Presence of Racemic Hydrophobic Amino Acids and Static Magnetic Fields
  9. Simple Organics and Biomonomers Identified in HCN Polymers: An Overview
  10. Immunological detection of mellitic acid in the Atacama desert: Implication for organics detection on Mars
  11. Role of Ferrocyanides in the Prebiotic Synthesis of α-Amino Acids
  12. Tracing organic compounds in aerobically altered methane-derived carbonate pipes (Gulf of Cadiz, SW Iberia)
  13. Pyrolysis study of hydrophobic tholins By TG-MS, TG, DTA and DSC methods
  14. New Insights into the Characterization of ‘Insoluble Black HCN Polymers’
  15. Thermal characterization of HCN polymers by TG–MS, TG, DTA and DSC methods
  16. Following the Metalation Process of Protoporphyrin IX with Metal Substrate Atoms at Room Temperature
  17. Prebiotic Synthesis of Protobiopolymers Under Alkaline Ocean Conditions
  18. CH4/N2/H2-spark hydrophobic tholins: A systematic approach to the characterisation of tholins. Part II
  19. Thermal Wet Decomposition of Prussian Blue: Implications for Prebiotic Chemistry
  20. Synthesis of Pyrimidines and Triazines in Ice: Implications for the Prebiotic Chemistry of Nucleobases
  21. Synthesis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Acetylene Polymers in Ice: A Prebiotic Scenario
  22. CH4/N2/H2 spark hydrophilic tholins: A systematic approach to the characterization of tholins
  23. The Fate of Biological Materials in Acidic Environments of the Río Tinto, Southwestern Spain
  24. Ferrocenylpyrazolyl bridging rhodium dimers. Crystal structure of [Rh(μ-pzFc)(COD)]2
  25. Preservation Windows for Paleobiological Traces in the Mars Geological Record