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  1. A Systematic Literature Review of DevOps Success Factors and Adoption Models
  2. Conceptualizing sustainability in the context of ICT. A literature review analysis.
  3. Beyond full-time: Fractional CIOs in SMEs
  4. Tenure and Background of CIOs in Germany: Influencing Factors and International Comparison
  5. Four Decades of CIO Research: A Literature Review
  6. Lean IT: A Review and Comparative Analysis of Practitioner and Academic Literature
  7. Relation between Edge Computing and the Internet of Things: A Systematic Literature Review
  8. Factors for Fractional CIO engagement success
  9. A Multiple Mini Case Study on the Adoption of Low Code Development Platforms in Work Systems
  10. Determinants of success and failure of knowledge transfer in information systems offshoring: a ranking-type Delphi study
  11. Practitioners’ Perceptions on the Adoption of Low Code Development Platforms
  12. From selling machinery to hybrid offerings – organizational impact of digital servitization on manufacturing firms
  13. Von Schatten-IT zu Business-managed IT: Fachbereichs-IT gezielt gestalten
  14. The Fractional CIO in SMEs: conceptualization and research agenda
  15. Drivers and Inhibitors of Low Code Development Platform Adoption
  16. IT Business Value Measurement and Communication among German CIOs: A Conceptual Framework
  17. Von der IT-Leitung zur (Mit‑)Gestaltung der digitalen Transformation: die sich wandelnde Rolle der Führung in der IT
  18. Der Chief Information Officer als Forschungsgegenstand: Ein Blick zurück auf vier Jahrzehnte Forschung und ein Ausblick auf zukünftige Perspektiven
  19. Rezension „Designed for Digital“
  20. Schlüsselfaktoren erfolgreicher CIOs
  21. We have a platform, but nobody builds on it – what influences Platform-as-a-Service post-adoption?
  22. Success factors of long-term CIOs
  23. Literary Sketches in Information Systems Research: Conceptualization and Guidance for Using Vignettes as a Narrative Form
  24. Critical Success Factors of Business-managed IT: It Takes Two to Tango
  25. Cloud-Computing-Nutzung bei der Continental AG
  26. Cloud Computing Adoption: A Literature Review on What Is New and What Still Needs to Be Addressed
  27. IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS? The Why of Cloud Computing Delivery Model Selection – Vignettes on the Post-Adoption of Cloud Computing
  28. Unraveling the impact of cultural distance on IT outsourcing success – insights from three major sourcing reconfigurations
  29. From Shadow IT to Business-managed IT: a qualitative comparative analysis to determine configurations for successful management of IT by business entities
  30. Revisiting the Concept of IT Capabilities in the Era of Digitalization
  31. IT-Backsourcing – Empirische Erkenntnisse und Handlungsempfehlungen für eine erfolgreiche Re-Integration der IT-Serviceerbringung
  32. Blockchain and GDPR: Application Scenarios and Compliance Requirements
  33. Information Security Risks, Benefits, and Mitigation Measures in Cloud Sourcing
  34. IT Backsourcing
  35. A Systematic Review of Recent Developments in IT Outsourcing Research
  38. Kontrollierte Nutzung von Schatten-IT
  39. Einführung von Lean Management in IT-Organisationen
  40. Determinants of Success in IS Offshoring Projects
  41. IS Offshoring: A Systematic Review of the Literature
  42. IS Offshoring
  43. Introduction
  44. Offshore Suitability: Criteria for Selecting IS Applications or Projects for Offshoring