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  1. Physics–Dynamics Coupling in Weather, Climate, and Earth System Models: Challenges and Recent Progress
  2. Offshore wind energy resource assessment under techno-economic and social-ecological constraints
  3. The Met Office Unified Model Global Atmosphere 6.0/6.1 and JULES Global Land 6.0/6.1 configurations
  4. Offshore Wind Energy Climate Projection Using UPSCALE Climate Data under the RCP8.5 Emission Scenario
  5. Parameterization of wind turbine impacts on hydrodynamics and sediment transport
  6. Bridging the (Knowledge) Gap between Physics and Dynamics
  7. from global climate data to local Wind Power Density
  8. An inherently mass-conserving semi-implicit semi-Lagrangian discretization of the deep-atmosphere global non-hydrostatic equations
  9. Cubic-spline interpolation on a non-uniform latitude-longitude grid: achieving cross- and circum-polar continuity
  10. A novel non-intrusive sampling technique for
  11. Practical and theoretical investigations into inert gas cutting of 304 stainless steel using a high brightness fiber laser
  12. New aspects of melt flow phenomena through narrow kerfs
  13. On gas dynamic effects in the modelling of laser cutting processes
  14. Direct writing of digital images onto 3D surfaces
  15. Modelling and calibration of bending strains for iterative laser forming
  16. Determination of the lower complexity limit for laser cut quality modelling
  17. Computer simulation of the processing of engineering materials with lasers theory and first applications
  18. Numerical testbed for laser materials processing
  19. Full-through laser cutting process simulation