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  1. Gay, Inc.: The Nonprofitization of Queer Politics
  2. A critique of an article on homophobia and masculities
  3. Advocacy Research on Homophobia in Education: Claims-Making, Trauma Construction and the Politics of Evidence
  4. A Mixed-Method Study of Same-Sex Kissing Among College-Attending Heterosexual Men in the U.S.
  5. Young men's rationales for identifying as mostly gay
  6. Mostly straights and the study of sexualities: An introduction to the special issue
  7. Inclusive Masculinity Theory: overview, reflection and refinement
  8. Gay, Mostly Gay, or Bisexual Leaning Gay? An Exploratory Study Distinguishing Gay Sexual Orientations Among Young Men
  9. Gay guys using gay language: 'That's so gay' and other phrases
  10. Porn consumption among young men with non-exclusive sexual orientations
  11. The Changing Dynamics of Bisexual Men's Lives
  12. An Exploratory Study of a New Kink Activity: “Pup Play”
  13. Inclusive Masculinities in a Working-Class Sixth Form in Northeast England
  14. Metrosexual(ity)
  15. How bisexual men understand their bisexual identities
  16. Metropolitan Bisexual Men's Relationships: Evidence of a Cohort Effect
  17. Gays, Lesbians, and Sports: No Longer on the Sideline
  18. Is sexuality research ‘dirty work’?
  19. Homohysteria: Definitions, Context and Intersectionality
  20. The changing experiences of bisexual male adolescents
  21. Cuddling and Spooning
  22. The Influence of Declining Homophobia on Men’s Gender in the United States: An Argument for the Study of Homohysteria
  23. The inclusive masculinities of working class young men
  24. The Changing Coming out experiences of bisexual men.
  25. Innovative sampling and participant recruitment in sexuality research
  26. Sixth form girls and bisexual burden
  27. Bullying
  28. Contemporary Debates in the Sociology of Education
  29. Contemporary Debates in the Sociology of Education: An Introduction
  30. Critical reflections on making an impact in sexualities research
  31. Taking to the streets: the benefits of spontaneous methodological innovation in participant recruitment
  32. Decreasing Homohysteria
  33. The Declining Significance of HomophobiaHow Teenage Boys are Redefining Masculinity and Heterosexuality
  34. The Positive Experiences of Openly Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Students in a Christian Sixth Form College
  35. Heteronormativity in the University Classroom
  36. Queer Masculinities, Gender Conformity, and the Secondary School
  37. Male Team Sport Hazing Initiations in a Culture of Decreasing Homohysteria
  38. Mapping the Terrain of Homosexually-Themed Language
  39. The declining significance of homohysteria for male students in three sixth forms in the south of England
  40. Hierarchy without Hegemony: Locating Boys in an Inclusive School Setting
  41. The re-production of homosexually-themed discourse in educationally-based organised sport
  42. ‘It’s Just Not Acceptable Any More’: The Erosion of Homophobia and the Softening of Masculinity at an English Sixth Form
  43. Intersectionality, Critical Race Theory, and American Sporting Oppression: Examining Black and Gay Male Athletes
  44. Establishing and Challenging Masculinity: The Influence of Gendered Discourses in Organized Sport
  45. Comparing the Black and Gay Male Athlete: Patterns in American Oppression
  46. Changing Masculinities in Youth Cultures
  47. Contextualizing Homophobic Language in Sport
  48. Theorising Masculinities in Contemporary Britain