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  1. The Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation
  2. Philanthropy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  3. Huawei's catch-up in the global telecommunication industry: innovation capability and transition to leadership
  4. Designing for Innovation: Cooperation and Competition in English Cotton, Silk, and Pottery Firms, 1750–1860
  5. Seizing windows of opportunity by using technology-building and market-seeking strategies in tandem: Huawei’s sustained catch-up in the global market
  6. Innovation in firms
  7. Innovation and play
  8. Introduction to the retrospective section: innovation in China, grassroots innovation, and city regions
  9. An integrated indicator system for patent portfolios: evidence from the telecommunication manufacturing industry
  10. Dynamic Capabilities in Complex Projects: The Case of London Heathrow Terminal 5
  11. "Windows of Opportunity, Technological Innovation, and Globalization: Huawei’s Global Catch-up"
  12. Innovation strategy in new transportation systems: The case of Crossrail
  13. Managing Digital Money
  14. organizational learning and virtual worlds
  15. The negotiated consumption of sustainability
  16. The Coproduction of “Sustainability”
  17. Government policy, university strategy and the academic entrepreneur: the case of Queensland's Smart State Institutes
  18. Systems thinking, market failure, and the development of innovation policy: The case of Australia
  19. Technological Innovation and Complex Systems in Cities
  20. Exploring new combinations in innovation and entrepreneurship: social networks, Schumpeter, and the case of Josiah Wedgwood (1730-1795)
  21. Physical–digital integration in city infrastructure
  22. Adopting and consuming innovations
  23. Editorial
  24. Asia’s national innovation systems: Institutional adaptability and rigidity in the face of global innovation challenges
  25. The evolving nature of Taiwan's national innovation system: The case of biotechnology innovation networks
  26. “In Case of Fire, Please Use the Elevator”: Simulation Technology and Organization in Fire Engineering
  27. “A roasted duck can still fly away”: A case study of technology, nationality, culture and the rapid and early internationalization of the firm
  28. The Impact of Modelling and Simulation Technology on Engineering Problem Solving
  29. High-Tech Entrepreneurship in Asia
  30. Managing Complex Collaborative Projects: Lessons from the Development of a New Satellite
  31. The role of technology in the shift towards open innovation: the case of Procter & Gamble
  32. Strategic Research Partnerships: Empirical Evidence from Asia
  33. Contributing Factors to the Diffusion of IT within Small and Medium-Sized Firms in Indonesia
  34. What Role for Management in Science?
  36. Organizational Learning: A Review of Some Literatures
  37. Analytical lenses on innovation: a research note
  38. Learning, Trust, and Technological Collaboration
  39. The future for technological collaboration
  40. European technology policy evolution: convergence towards SMEs and regional technology transfer
  41. Technological collaboration: problems and pitfalls
  42. The strategic management of R&D collaboration
  43. Technology Learning, Technology Strategy and Competitive Pressures
  44. External linkages and innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises
  45. The Management of Technological Learning
  46. Strategic alignment and organizational options in biotechnology firms
  47. The management of technological collaboration
  48. Technology-based small and medium sized firms in Europe: The IRDAC results and their public policy implications
  49. Small firm policy in the U.K.
  50. Starting hi-tech firms
  51. Trade union policies on new technology: facing the challenges of the 1980s
  52. The "Demarrage of Firms": International Comparisons