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  1. Talent management in hospitality during the COVID-19 pandemic in Macao: a contingency approach
  2. Important current and future service research topics
  3. Social Tourism: Perspectives and Potential
  4. Tourist Experience and Fulfilment
  5. Social networks and customer involvement in new service development (NSD)
  6. Food & Wine Tourism: Integrating Food, Travel and Tourism
  7. Contemporary cases in tourism, Volume 1
  8. E-Democracy and Web 2.0: A Framework Enabling DMOS to Engage Stakeholders in Collaborative Destination Management
  9. Book Reviews
  10. Managing Tourism Destinations
  11. Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2007
  12. Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2006
  13. e-Learning and e-Assessment
  14. New media and technologies: trends and management issues for cultural tourism