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  1. Planverkets blindsone? En analyse av profesjonsfaglig digital kompetanse i emneplanbeskrivelser for barnehagelærerutdanning
  2. Children’s participation in documentation processes in local outdoor spaces
  3. Professional development for digital competencies in early childhood education and care
  4. The Integration of Internet of Toys in Early Childhood Education
  5. Using robotic toys in early childhood education to support children’s social and emotional competencies
  6. Make‐believe play with the Internet of Toys: A case for multimodal playscapes
  7. Kindergartens in Northern Norway as semiotic landscapes
  8. The role of the kindergarten in children’s well-being and resilience
  9. Use of touchscreen technology by 0–3-year-old children: Parents’ practices and perspectives in Norway, Portugal and Japan
  10. Role-play and technologies in early childhood
  11. The use of touchscreen technologies with children under 3 years of age
  12. Technology-integrated pedagogical practices: a look into evidence-based teaching and coherent learning for young children
  13. Children’s Engineering Design Thinking Processes: The Magic of the ROBOTS and the Power of BLOCKS (Electronics)
  14. From foot to pencil, from pencil to finger: Children as digital wayfarers