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  1. Depressive Symptoms Among Australian University Students: Who Is at Risk?
  2. Psychological Wellbeing Among Same-sex Attracted and Heterosexual Parents: Role of Connectedness to Family and Friendship Networks
  3. Comparison of an interactive CD-based and traditional instructor-led Basic Life Support skills training for nurses
  4. Understanding Profiles of Couples Attending Community-Based Couple Counseling and Relationship Education Services
  6. Predictors of prescribed medication use for depression, anxiety, stress, and sleep problems in mid-aged Australian women
  7. Efficacy of family mediation and the role of family violence: study protocol
  8. Mortality and Disability Outcomes of Self-Reported Elder Abuse: A 12-Year Prospective Investigation
  9. Counseling in Australia: Past, Present, and Future
  10. Developing psychotherapists’ competence through clinical supervision: protocol for a qualitative study of supervisory dyads
  11. Identifying the evidence-base for art-based practices and their potential benefit for mental health recovery: A critical review
  12. Successful psychotherapy for psychogenic seizures in men
  13. Bisexual Parents and Family Diversity: Findings From the Work, Love, Play Study
  14. Short and long-term effectiveness of couple counselling: a study protocol
  15. Managing difficulties in supervision: Supervisors' perspectives.
  16. What Helps Couples Rebuild Their Relationship After Infidelity?
  17. Utilization of personal therapy by psychotherapists: a practice-friendly review and a new study
  18. Organising Work and Home in Same-Sex Parented Families: Findings From the Work Love Play Study
  19. The lived experience of art making as a companion to the mental health recovery process
  20. Understanding resilience in same-sex parented families: the work, love, play study
  21. Availability of cigarettes to minors
  22. Permission to Speak: Therapists’ Understandings of Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures and Their Treatment
  23. Inadequate cervical cancer screening among mid-aged Australian women who have experienced partner violence
  24. General practice management of psychological distress in patients with sexually transmissible infection
  25. Survivors' Narratives of the Impact of Parental Suicide
  26. Australian Women Seeking Counseling Have Higher Use Of Health Services
  27. Conceptualization and Treatment of Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures
  28. Personal approaches to psychotherapy integration
  29. Australian counsellors and psychotherapists: A profile of the profession
  30. Profile of the oral health among ambulant older Greek and Italian migrants living in Melbourne
  31. Self-reported and clinically determined oral health status predictors for quality of life in dentate older migrant adults
  32. Career-long supervision: Patterns and perspectives
  33. Psychological Health in Midlife Among Women Who Have Ever Lived With a Violent Partner or Spouse
  34. History of Domestic Violence and Physical Health in Midlife
  35. The Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia: How the federation model contributes to the field
  36. How Counsellors Cope with Traumatized Clients: Personal, Professional and Organizational Strategies
  37. Correlates of sexually transmitted infections in young Australian women
  38. Oral health promotion programme for older migrant adults
  39. Sociodemographic and Health Related Factors Associated with Poor Mental Health in Midlife Australian Women
  40. Three Year Health Outcomes Among Older Women at Risk of Elder Abuse: Women's Health Australia
  41. Evaluation of a Health Promoting Schools program to reduce smoking in Australian secondary schools
  42. Oral health beliefs and practices among Greek and Italian older Australians: A focus group approach
  43. Psychosocial and Health Behavioural Covariates of Cosmetic Surgery: Women’s Health Australia Study
  44. Screening for Vulnerability to Abuse Among Older Women: Women's Health Australia Study
  45. The Effect of a Community Action Intervention on Adolescent Smoking Rates in Rural Australian Towns: The CART Project
  46. Factors associated with hysterectomy among women in Australia
  47. Sexually transmitted infections and use of sexual health services among young Australian women: Women's Health Australia study
  48. Australian nurses' smoking behaviour, knowledge and attitude towards providing smoking cessation care to their patients
  49. SF-36 Health Profiles of Recently Discharged Hospital Patients in Australia
  50. Validity of the SF-12 Compared with the SF-36 Health Survey in Pilot Studies of the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health
  51. 'It would be good to know you're not alone': the health care needs of women with menstrual symptoms
  52. Patient-Provider Agreement on Guidelines for Preparation for Breast Cancer Treatment
  53. School Health Promotion Programs Over the Past Decade: A Review of the Smoking, Alcohol and Solar Protection Literature
  54. Patient-Provider Agreement on Guidelines for Preparation for Breast Cancer Treatment
  55. Alcohol Sales to Minors: A Surrogate Study
  56. Notification and Follow-Up of Pap Test-Results: Current Practice and Women′s Preferences