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  1. The grammaticalization of Latin TOTA VIA in Spanish and Italian: temporal and adversative values
  2. How to segment texts in units that are not of syntactic nature
  3. Models of Discourse Units in Romance Languages
  4. La interlengua de lenguas afines. El español de los italianos, el italiano de los españoles
  5. Topic-shift discourse markers in L2 Italian
  6. Discourse Markers in Second Language Acquisition / Les marqueurs discursifs dans l’acquisition d’une langue étrangère
  7. Discourse Markes in L2
  8. Rassegna di Borreguero & Toro (2011): Linguistica italiana in Spagna, linguistica spagnola in Italia
  9. Claudio Baraldi and Laura Gavioli: Coordinating participation in dialogue interpreting
  10. Chapter 12. Left periphery in discourse
  11. The contribution of the Basel model to the description of polyfunctional discourse markers