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  1. “I know my idea is original!” Creative metacognitive monitoring and regulation in kindergarten children
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  10. Cultural Differences in the Construction of Gender: A Thematic Analysis of Gender Representations in American, Spanish, and Czech Children’s Literature
  11. Orientation Toward Intrinsic Motivation Mediates the Relationship Between Metacognition and Creativity
  12. Early literacy curriculum and its journey to kindergarten classroom
  13. Thinking Smarter, Not Harder: How Understanding Your Thinking Drives Learning and Creativity
  14. Preschool Picassos to University Underestimators: Are We Really As Creative As We Think?
  15. Anchoring effect of performance feedback on accuracy of metacognitive monitoring in preschool children
  16. Development of early literacy skills: A Comparison of two early literacy programmes
  17. Artificial, cheap, fake: Free associations as a research method for outdoor billboard advertising and visual pollution
  18. Effects of performance feedback and repeated experience on self-evaluation accuracy in high- and low-performing preschool children
  19. The Holocaust May Be Important, But It’s No Longer Original: Representations of the Holocaust in Slovak Theatre Reviews from 2000 to 2017
  20. Influence of Fluid Intelligence on Accuracy of Metacognitive Monitoring in Preschool Children Fades with the Calibration Feedback