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  1. Selected case studies regarding research-based education in the area of machine and civil assemblies
  2. Estimating Time of Coordinate Measurements Based on the Adopted Measurement Strategy
  3. Analysis of Hole Positioning Accuracy with the Use of Position Deviation Modifiers
  4. Digitization Methods of Grinding Pins for Technological Process Planning
  5. Technological process planning focused on complex manufacturing processes of the digital era
  6. Determining the strategy of contact measurements based on results of non-contact coordinate measurements
  7. Selection of the Best Model of Distribution of Measurement Points in Contact Coordinate Measurements of Free-Form Surfaces of Products
  8. A New Method of Distribution of Measurement Points on Curvilinear Surfaces of Products
  9. Software Dedicated to Determining a Strategy of Coordinate Measurements
  10. Optimal Prioritization of the Model of Distribution of Measurement Points on a Free-Form Surface in Effective Use of CMMs
  11. Measuring noise as a component of uncertainty measurements of the surface texture
  12. A Comparison of Selected Algorithms of Form Deviation Calculation
  13. The influence of a number of points on results of measurements of a turbine blade
  14. The selection of radius correction method in the case of coordinate measurements applicable for turbine blades
  15. Comparison of Selected Methods of Probe Radius Correction Based on Measurements of Ceramic Workpieces
  16. Measurements of Surface Texture Parameters After Ultrasonic Assisted and Conventional Grinding of ZrO 2 Based Ceramic Material Characterized by Different States of Sintering
  17. An Algorithm of Form Deviation Calculation in Coordinate Measurements of Free-Form Surfaces of Products
  18. The Calculation of the Nominal Data of a Turbine Blade with the Use of CAD Software
  19. Contact and Non-contact Measurements of Grinding Pins
  20. Coordinate Measurements of Geometrically Complex Ceramic Parts
  21. Measurements of Surface Roughness in Ultrasonic Assisted Grinding of Ceramic Materials
  22. Usability assessment of selected methods of optimization for some measurement task in coordinate measurement technique