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  1. Comparing Musicians and Non-musicians’ Expectations in Music and Vision
  2. Effects of statistical learning in passive and active contexts on reproduction and recognition of auditory sequences.
  3. Musical aesthetic sensitivity.
  4. Reduced cross-modal affective priming in the L2 of late bilinguals depends on L2 exposure.
  5. Chills in music: A systematic review.
  6. Predictive Uncertainty Underlies Auditory Boundary Perception
  7. PPM-Decay: A computational model of auditory prediction with memory decay
  8. Long-term implicit memory for sequential auditory patterns in humans
  9. Simultaneous consonance in music perception and composition.
  10. Uncertainty and Surprise Jointly Predict Musical Pleasure and Amygdala, Hippocampus, and Auditory Cortex Activity
  11. Predictability and Uncertainty in the Pleasure of Music: A Reward for Learning?
  12. Expectations for tonal cadences: Sensory and cognitive priming effects
  13. Cultural Distance: A Computational Approach to Exploring Cultural Influences on Music Cognition
  14. Statistical learning and probabilistic prediction in music cognition: mechanisms of stylistic enculturation
  15. Information-Theoretic Properties of Auditory Sequences Dynamically Influence Expectation and Memory
  16. Neuroaesthetics
  17. Brain responses in humans reveal ideal observer-like sensitivity to complex acoustic patterns
  18. Linking melodic expectation to expressive performance timing and perceived musical tension.
  19. Generality and specificity in the effects of musical expertise on perception and cognition