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  1. Spontaneous pneumomediastinum as the only CT finding in an asymptomatic adolescent positive for COVID-19
  2. Malignant Insulinoma with Multiple Liver Metastases and Hypercalcitoninemia in a Patient with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Presenting as Recurrent Episodes of Diaphoresis due to Severe Hypoglycemia
  3. The Role of Contrast-Enhanced Imaging for Colorectal Cancer Management
  4. Hiatal Surface Area's CT scan measurement is useful in hiatal hernia's treatment of bariatric patients
  5. MR-based artificial intelligence model to assess response to therapy in locally advanced rectal cancer
  6. Layered enhancement at magnetic resonance enterography in inflammatory bowel disease: A meta-analysis
  7. Impact of iodine concentration and iodine delivery rate on contrast enhancement in coronary CT angiography: a randomized multicenter trial (CT-CON)
  8. Clinical presentation, diagnosis and staging of cholangiocarcinoma
  9. Patient centring and scan length: how inaccurate practice impacts on radiation dose in CT colonography (CTC)
  10. Automated Segmentation of Colorectal Tumor in 3D MRI Using 3D Multiscale Densely Connected Convolutional Neural Network
  11. Dynamic MR of the pelvic floor: Influence of alternative methods to draw the pubococcygeal line (PCL) on the grading of pelvic floor descent
  12. Radiogenomics in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma: Correlations Between Advanced CT Imaging (Texture Analysis) and MicroRNAs Expression
  13. Half-dose Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring
  14. Dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging in locally advanced rectal cancer: role of perfusion parameters in the assessment of response to treatment
  15. Lean Body Weight-Tailored Iodinated Contrast Injection in Obese Patient: Boer versus James Formula
  16. Myogenic oxidative imbalance interferes with antral motility in obese subjects
  17. Haralick’s texture features for the prediction of response to therapy in colorectal cancer: a preliminary study
  18. Magnetic resonance tumor regression grade (MR-TRG) to assess pathological complete response following neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy in locally advanced rectal cancer
  19. Aneurysm of Vieussens’ arterial ring in a patient studied with coronary computed tomography
  20. Bowel preparation in CT colonography: Is diet restriction necessary? A randomised trial (DIETSAN)
  21. Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging in locally advanced rectal cancer treated with neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy
  22. Analysis of CT features and quantitative texture analysis in patients with lung adenocarcinoma: a correlation with EGFR mutations and survival rates
  23. MDCT of the liver in obese patients: evaluation of a different method to optimize iodine dose
  24. Diagnostic performance of computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging for detecting peritoneal metastases: systematic review and meta-analysis
  25. Erratum to: Comparative assessment of image quality for coronary CT angiography with iobitridol and two contrast agents with higher iodine concentrations: iopromide and iomeprol. A multicentre randomized double-blind trial
  26. Comparative assessment of image quality for coronary CT angiography with iobitridol and two contrast agents with higher iodine concentrations: iopromide and iomeprol. A multicentre randomized double-blind trial
  27. Multidetector CT in emergency radiology: acute and generalized non-traumatic abdominal pain
  28. Performance of diffusion-weighted imaging, perfusion imaging, and texture analysis in predicting tumoral response to neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy in rectal cancer patients studied with 3T MR: initial experience
  29. Computed Tomography Perfusion of Prostate Cancer
  30. Computed tomography segmental calcium score (SCS) to predict stenosis severity of calcified coronary lesions
  31. State of the Art: Iterative CT Reconstruction Techniques
  32. Prevalence and distribution of colonic diverticula assessed with CT colonography (CTC)
  33. Texture Analysis as Imaging Biomarker of Tumoral Response to Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy in Rectal Cancer Patients Studied with 3-T Magnetic Resonance
  34. Italian Registry of Cardiac Computed Tomography
  35. Integrated CT ad MR imaging in alcohol-related isolated left ventricular fatty infiltration
  36. Perforation rate in CT colonography: a systematic review of the literature and meta-analysis
  37. MDCT and MRI of the Heart
  38. Current status on performance of CT colonography and clinical indications
  39. Role of Preoperative Imaging with Multidetector Computed Tomography in the Management of Patients with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Symptoms After Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy
  40. Impact of Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy on Upper Gastrointestinal Symptoms
  41. Rationale, design and methods of CTCA-PRORECAD (Computed Tomography Coronary Angiography Prognostic Registry for Coronary Artery Disease): a multicentre and multivendor registry
  42. Coronary CT Angiography: Evaluation of Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts
  43. Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Application in Response Prediction before, during, and after Neoadjuvant Radiochemotherapy in Primary Rectal Cancer Carcinoma
  44. Virtual Unenhanced Images of the Abdomen With Second-Generation Dual-Source Dual-Energy Computed Tomography
  45. High concentration (400mgI/mL) versus low concentration (320mgI/mL) iodinated contrast media in multi detector computed tomography of the liver: A randomized, single centre, non-inferiority study
  46. Gallbladder and muscular endometriosis: a case report
  47. High positive predictive value of CT colonography in a referral centre
  48. Peritoneal carcinomatosis: imaging with 64-MDCT and 3T MRI with diffusion-weighted imaging
  49. The optimal contrast media policy in CT of the liver. Part I: Technical notes
  50. The optimal contrast media policy in CT of the liver. Part II: Clinical protocols
  51. Sixty-Four-Multidetector-Row Computed Tomography Angiography With Bolus Tracking to Time Arterial-Phase Imaging in Healthy Liver
  52. Preliminary experience with abdominal dual-energy CT (DECT): true versus virtual nonenhanced images of the liver
  53. Dual energy CT (DECT) of the liver: conventional versus virtual unenhanced images
  54. Dose reduction in spiral CT coronary angiography with dual source equipment. Part II. Dose surplus due to slope-up and slope-down of prospective tube current modulation in a phantom model
  55. Colorectal cancer screening: The role of CT colonography
  56. Dose reduction in spiral CT coronary angiography with dual-source equipment. Part I. A phantom study applying different prospective tube current modulation algorithms
  57. Anatomic variations of the hepatic arteries in 250 patients studied with 64-row CT angiography
  58. Hepatic epithelioid hemangioendothelioma (HEH) at MRI using reticuloendothelial system (RES)-specific contrast agent: The “bright-bright sign” rather than the “bright-dark sign”
  59. Radiological and Imaging Features
  60. CT colonography: Project of High National Interest No. 2005062137 of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR)
  61. Anatomical variations of the coeliac trunk and the mesenteric arteries evaluated with 64-row CT angiography
  62. Editorial: MRI of the Small Bowel
  63. Spectrum of Normal Findings, Anatomic Variants and Pathology of Ileocecal Valve: CT Colonography Appearances and Endoscopic Correlation
  64. Adult celiac disease: MRI findings
  65. Diagnosis of Taenia saginata by MR Enterography
  66. Preoperative Staging of Rectal Cancer with MR Imaging: Correlation with Surgical and Histopathologic Findings