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  1. Does Certifying Foreign Qualifications Lead to Better Immigrant Skills Utilization?
  2. Self-reported health among migrants. Does contextual discrimination matter?
  3. Social media, education, and the rise of populist Euroscepticism
  4. How effective are integration policy reforms? The case of asylum-related migrants
  5. Does Educational Mismatch Affect Emigration Behaviour?
  6. Workers react to the share of foreign workers in their occupation
  7. Does the Recognition of Foreign Credentials Decrease the Risk for Immigrants of Being Mismatched in Education or Skills?
  8. Unemployment risk makes highly educated workers oppose immigration more
  9. Educational mismatch and promotions to managerial positions: a test of the career mobility theory
  10. The wage effects of overeducation using the vertical and horizontal mismatch in skills
  11. The Gender Gap in Mental Health: Immigrants in Switzerland
  12. Is There Still a Wage Penalty for Being Overeducated But Well-matched in Skills? A Panel Data Analysis of a Swiss Graduate Cohort
  13. Gender, brain waste and job-education mismatch among migrant workers in Switzerland
  14. Chapter 4 Highly Skilled Migrants in the Swiss Labour Market, with a Special Focus on Migrants from Developing Countries by Marco PECORARO and Rosita FIBBI 179