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  1. Anatase-driven charge transfer involving a spin transition in cobalt iron cyanide nanostructures
  2. Electrochemistry of TiO2–iron hexacyanocobaltate composite electrodes
  3. In Vitro and in Vivo Anticancer Activity of Copper(I) Complexes with Homoscorpionate Tridentate Tris(pyrazolyl)borate and Auxiliary Monodentate Phosphine Ligands
  4. The coordination core of Ag(i) N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) complexes with anticancer properties as revealed by synchrotron radiation X-ray absorption spectroscopy
  5. hydrogen peroxide detection studied by XAS
  6. Synthesis and in vitro antitumor activity of water soluble sulfonate- and ester-functionalized silver(I) N-heterocyclic carbene complexes
  7. Pure copper vs. mixed copper and palladium hexacyanoferrates for glucose biosensing applications
  8. A Review on the Structural Studies of Batteries and Host Materials by X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
  9. Layered-double-hydroxide-modified electrodes: electroanalytical applications
  10. Straightforward Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles Supported on Commercial Silica-Polyethyleneimine Beads
  11. Synchrotron radiation X-ray absorption spectroscopic studies in solution and electrochemistry of a nitroimidazole conjugated heteroscorpionate copper(II) complex
  12. Synthesis Route to Supported Gold Nanoparticle Layered Double Hydroxides as Efficient Catalysts in the Electrooxidation of Methanol
  13. Electrochemical synthesis of nano-cobalt hexacyanoferrate at a sol–gel-coated electrode templated with β-cyclodextrin
  14. Prussian Blue-like electrode characterisation
  15. Voltammetric Determination of ITX in Hydro-Alcoholic Solutions and Wine
  16. Nitroimidazole and glucosamine conjugated heteroscorpionate ligands and related copper(ii) complexes. Syntheses, biological activity and XAS studies
  17. A study on the coordinative versatility of new N,S-donor macrocyclic ligands: XAFS, and Cu2+ complexation thermodynamics in solution
  18. Electrocatalytic Performances of Pure and Mixed Hexacyanoferrates of Cu and Pd for the Reduction of Hydrogen Peroxide
  19. Improved performances of electrodes based on Cu2+-loaded copper hexacyanoferrate for hydrogen peroxide detection
  20. Chemiresistors for ethanol detection in hydrocarbons
  21. Multivariate Curve Resolution Analysis for Interpretation of Dynamic Cu K-Edge X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Spectra for a Cu Doped V2O5 Lithium Battery
  22. Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Cobalt Hexacyanoferrate
  23. Cobalt hexacyanoferrate–poly(methyl methacrylate) composite: Synthesis and characterization
  24. XAFS studies on copper(I) complexes containing scorpionate ligands
  25. EXAFS and XANES simulations of Fe/Co hexacyanoferrate spectra by GNXAS and MXAN
  26. Cu K-edge EXAFS on copper(I) complexes containing dihydridobis(3-nitro-1,2,4-triazol-1-yl)borate and bis(1,2,4-triazol-1-yl)acetate ligand: Evidence for the Cu–O interaction
  27. Evidence for a double doping regime in Nd:YAG nanopowders
  28. Structure of Fe/Co/Ni Hexacyanoferrate As Probed by Multiple Edge X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
  29. Doped V2O5-Based Cathode Materials: Where Does the Doping Metal Go? An X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Study
  30. A new approach for the synthesis of K+-free nickel hexacyanoferrate
  31. Intercalation of Iron(III) Hexacyano Complex in a Ni,Al Hydrotalcite-like Compound
  32. Characterization of Sol−Gel-Synthesized LiFePO4 by Multiple Scattering XAFS
  33. Cobalt hexacyanoferrate in PAMAM doped silica matrix. 2. Structural and electronic characterization
  34. Cobalt hexacyanoferrate in PAMAM-doped silica matrix
  35. X‐Ray Absorption Spectroscopy Study of Cu0.25V2O5 and Zn0.25V2O5 Aerogel‐Like Cathodes for Lithium Batteries.
  36. Absorption of polarized X-rays by V2O5-based cathodes for lithium batteries: an application
  37. Nickel hexacyanoferrate membrane as a coated wire cation-selective electrode
  38. Sulfate-selective electrodes based on hydrotalcites
  39. Electrochemical and synchrotron XAS studies of lithium intercalation into vanadium pentoxide aerogels and nanocomposites
  40. Evidence for Reversible Formation of Metallic Cu in Cu[sub 0.1]V[sub 2]O[sub 5] Xerogel Cathodes during Intercalation Cycling of Li[sup +] Ions as Detected by X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
  41. X-ray absorption spectroscopy study on the electrochemical reduction of Co((DO)(DOH)pn)Br2
  42. ChemInform Abstract: Evidence of Bilayer Structure in V2O5 Xerogel.
  43. Evidence of Bilayer Structure in V2O5 Xerogel
  44. ChemInform Abstract: In situ X‐Ray Absorption Spectroscopy Characterization of V2O5 Xerogel Cathodes Upon Lithium Intercalation.
  45. ChemInform Abstract: Identification of an Unconventional Zinc Coordination Site in Anhydrous ZnxV2O5 Aerogels from X‐Ray Absorption Spectroscopy.
  46. Identification of an Unconventional Zinc Coordination Site in Anhydrous ZnxV2O5 Aerogels from X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
  47. In Situ X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy Characterization of V[sub 2]O[sub 5] Xerogel Cathodes upon Lithium Intercalation
  48. Electrochemical Charging, Countercation Accommodation, and Spectrochemical Identity of Microcrystalline Solid Cobalt Hexacyanoferrate
  49. Evidence of four-body contributions in the EXAFS spectrum of Na2Co[Fe(CN)6]
  50. X-ray Absorption Spectroscopic Study of “Costa Type” Organocobalt Coenzyme B12 Models