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  1. Orientational Dynamics of Transition Dipoles and Exciton Relaxation in LH2 from Ultrafast Two-Dimensional Anisotropy
  2. Redox Conditions Affect Ultrafast Exciton Transport in Photosynthetic Pigment–Protein Complexes
  3. Mapping the ultrafast flow of harvested solar energy in living photosynthetic cells
  4. Communication: Broad manifold of excitonic states in light-harvesting complex 1 promotes efficient unidirectional energy transfer in vivo
  5. 2D THz-THz-Raman Photon-Echo Spectroscopy of Molecular Vibrations in Liquid Bromoform
  6. Optical Resonance Imaging: An Optical Analog to MRI with Subdiffraction-Limited Capabilities
  7. Coherent two-dimensional terahertz-terahertz-Raman spectroscopy
  8. THz time-domain spectroscopy of mixed CO2–CH3OH interstellar ice analogs
  9. Nonlinear terahertz coherent excitation of vibrational modes of liquids
  10. Decade-Spanning High-Precision Terahertz Frequency Comb
  11. Hydrogen bonding in the ethanol–water dimer
  12. The structure and dynamics of carbon dioxide and water containing ices investigated via THz and mid-IR spectroscopy
  13. THz and mid-IR spectroscopy of interstellar ice analogs: methyl and carboxylic acid groups
  15. Complementary and Emerging Techniques for Astrophysical Ices Processed in the Laboratory
  16. Quantum Mechanical Study of Sulfuric Acid Hydration: Atmospheric Implications
  17. Thermodynamics of the Hydroxyl Radical Addition to Isoprene
  18. Do Hydroxyl Radical−Water Clusters, OH(H2O)n, n = 1−5, Exist in the Atmosphere?