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  1. The quantum uncertainty between position and momentum is demystified.
  2. Roots of Elliptic Scator Numbers
  3. Powers of Elliptic Scator Numbers
  4. Tiered structure and symmetry of the electromagnetic equations
  5. Powers of Elliptic Scator Numbers
  6. COVID-19 dynamical evolution prediction in Mexico, decision making and social implementation: mid/low income countries study
  7. COVID-19 dynamical evolution prediction in Mexico, decision making and social implementation: mid/low income countries study
  8. Energy density and flow distribution in a vibrating string
  9. Composition of velocities and momentum transformations in a scator-deformed Lorentz metric
  10. Components exponential scator holomorphic function
  11. Solution to the Time-Dependent Coupled Harmonic Oscillators Hamiltonian with Arbitrary Interactions
  12. Chirality, helicity and the rotational content of electromagnetic fields
  13. Helicity continuity equation for electromagnetic fields with sources
  14. Helicity and Spin of Linearly Polarized Hermite-Gaussian Modes
  15. Fabry-Perot etalon solved by an amplitude and phase approach
  16. Energy content in linear mechanical systems with arbitrary time dependence
  17. Squdel Function: Square Wave Approximation Without Ringing
  18. Differential quotients in elliptic scator algebra
  19. Imaginary Scators Bound Set Under the Iterated Quadratic Mapping in 1 + 2 Dimensional Parameter Space
  20. Erratum to: A Non-distributive Extension of Complex Numbers to Higher Dimensions
  21. Propagation of light in stratified media is tackled with the amplitude and phase approach.
  22. Photonic crystal with triangular stack profile
  24. A Non-distributive Extension of Complex Numbers to Higher Dimensions
  25. Analytical solution to a non-autonomous second order differential equation with modified hyperbolic tangent function
  26. Dielectric interfaces and mirrors in the amplitude and phase representation
  27. Time and space transformations in a scator deformed Lorentz metric
  28. Hyperbolic Superluminal Scator Algebra
  29. An Intrinsically Three-Dimensional Fractal
  30. Multiplicative Representation of a Hyperbolic non Distributive Algebra
  31. Reflection coefficient due to a discontinuity in thenth order derivative of the refractive index
  32. An Elliptic Non Distributive Algebra
  33. Phase change of light reflected by a discontinuity in the derivatives of the refractive index
  34. A Hyperbolic Non Distributive Algebra in 1 + 2 Dimensions
  35. Generalized Snell’s refraction angle relationship
  36. Reflectivity of a disordered monolayer estimated by graded refractive index and scattering models
  37. Composition of physical quantities in one dimension: Group-theoretic differentiable functions
  38. Alternative realization for the composition of relativistic velocities
  39. Coherence and frequency spectrum of a Nd:YAG laser: generation and observation devices
  40. Physical processes behind a Ti:Sa femtosecond oscillator
  41. The necessity of two fields in wave phenomena
  42. Reflected wave atypical phase change at a boundary
  43. Photonic crystal slab with layered elements
  44. Xochicalco: Tlayohualchieliztli or camera obscura
  45. Motion of a charge in a time varying electromagnetic field
  46. Laser induced microstructuring of silicon under different atmospheres
  47. Optical realization of quantum-mechanical invariants
  48. Light propagation in 1D inhomogeneous deterministic media: the effect of discontinuities
  49. How to obtain the Lorentz space contraction formula for a moving rod from knowledge of the positions of its ends at different times
  50. Attainable conditions and exact invariant for the time-dependent harmonic oscillator
  51. Indeterminacy of amplitude and phase variables in classical dynamical systems: The harmonic oscillator
  52. Measuring the contour of a wavefront using the Irradiance Transport Equation (ITE)
  53. IR and UV laser-induced morphological changes in silicon surface under oxygen atmosphere
  54. LCD pixel shape and far-field diffraction patterns
  55. Blending two major techniques in order to compute π
  56. Morphology of IR and UV Laser-induced Structural Changes on Silicon Surfaces
  57. Complementary fields conservation equation derived from the scalar wave equation
  58. Analytic approximation to the harmonic oscillator equation with a sub-period time dependent parameter
  59. Image reconstruction via phase conjugation in amorphous chalcogenide thin films
  60. Coherent states for the time dependent harmonic oscillator: the step function
  61. Solution of the Schr dinger equation for time-dependent 1D harmonic oscillators using the orthogonal functions invariant
  62. Spectroscopic studies of two perpendicularly interacting carbon plasmas generated by laser ablation
  63. Orthogonal functions invariant for the time-dependent harmonic oscillator
  64. Thickness dependence of the phase conjugate signal of amorphous selenium thin films
  65. Pulsed-laser deposition of selenium
  66. Anomalous conical emission in calcium vapour
  67. Phase conjugation and spatial grating formation in amorphous chalcogenide thin films
  68. Anomalous conical emission: Two-beam experiments
  69. Diffraction Pattern of a Circle/square Aperture
  70. Phase conjugation in amorphous germanium diselenide thin films
  71. Preparation and characterization of amorphous GeSe2 films
  72. Optical bistability in bulk GeSe2
  73. Propagation of rays in a duct with a radially variable refractive index: First integral solutions for gaussian profiles