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  1. Nanocomposite Sodium Transition Metal Phosphate Prepared via Combustion Route for Hybrid Capacitor
  2. Modified electrolytic manganese dioxide (MEMD) for oxygen generation in alkaline medium
  3. Fabrication of ultrathin CoMoO4 nanosheets modified with chitosan and their improved performance in energy storage device
  4. Electrolytic manganese dioxide (EMD): a perspective on worldwide production, reserves and its role in electrochemistry
  5. Electrodeposition of Pluronic F127 assisted rod-like EMD/carbon arrays for efficient energy storage
  6. Facile and large scale combustion synthesis of α-CoMoO4: Mimics the redox behavior of a battery in aqueous hybrid device
  7. Structural and Electrochemical Properties of Nanocomposite Polymer Electrolyte for Electrochemical Devices
  8. Synthesis, crystal structure and pseudocapacitor electrode properties of γ-Bi2MoO6 nanoplates
  9. Synthesis and Characterization of Solid Polymer Electrolyte based on Activated Carbon for Solid State Capacitor
  10. Effect of Non-ionic Surfactants and Its Role in K Intercalation in Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide
  11. New Insights into the Electrochemical Behavior of Hematite (α-Fe2O3) Microparticles in Strong Aqueous Basic Electrolyte: Formation of Metallic Iron
  12. Foreword
  13. Electrochemical energy storage device for securing future renewable energy
  14. Carbonate anion controlled growth of LiCoPO4/C nanorods and its improved electrochemical behavior
  15. Maricite (NaMn 1/3 Ni 1/3 Co 1/3 PO 4 )/Activated Carbon: Hybrid Capacitor
  16. ChemInform Abstract: Reversible Sodiation in Maricite NaMn1/3Co1/3Ni1/3PO4for Renewable Energy Storage.
  17. Clean energy with a pinch of salt
  18. A Novel Sodium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  19. Reversible sodiation in maricite NaMn1/3Co1/3Ni1/3PO4 for renewable energy storage
  20. Nano α-NiMoO4as a new electrode for electrochemical supercapacitors
  21. Hydrogen Generation
  22. Looking beyond lithium-ion technology – Aqueous NaOH battery
  23. Synthetic strategies for better battery performance through advances in materials and chemistry: Olivine LiMn1/3Co1/3Ni1/3PO4
  24. Olivine-type cathode for rechargeable batteries: Role of chelating agents
  25. Utilizing active multiple dopants (Co and Ni) in olivine LiMnPO4
  26. Influence of sol–gel derived lithium cobalt phosphate in alkaline rechargeable battery
  27. Role of structural defects in olivine cathodes
  28. Success and serendipity on achieving high energy density for rechargeable batteries
  29. Structural characteristics of olivine Li(Mg0.5Ni0.5)PO4 via TEM analysis
  30. Polyvinylpyrrolidone assisted sol–gel route LiCo1/3Mn1/3Ni1/3PO4 composite cathode for aqueous rechargeable battery
  31. Hydrothermal synthesis of cubic α-Fe2O3 microparticles using glycine: Surface characterization, reaction mechanism and electrochemical activity
  32. Synergistic effect of additives on electrochemical properties of MnO2 cathode in aqueous rechargeable batteries
  33. Alkaline-Earth Oxide Modified MnO 2 Cathode: Enhanced Performance in an Aqueous Rechargeable Battery
  34. Characterization of alkaline-earth oxide additions to the MnO2 cathode in an aqueous secondary battery
  35. Synthesis and characterization of olivine LiNiPO4 for aqueous rechargeable battery
  36. Lithium Extraction−Insertion from/into LiCoPO4 in Aqueous Batteries
  37. LiNiPO
  38. Synthesis and Characterization of Li(Co0.5Ni0.5)PO4 Cathode for Li-Ion Aqueous Battery Applications
  39. Lithium intercalation into amorphous FePO4 cathode in aqueous solutions
  40. Effect of TiS 2 Additive on LiMnPO 4 Cathode in Aqueous Solutions
  41. Electrochemical characteristics of B4C or BN added MnO2 cathode material for alkaline batteries
  42. Anodic behavior of zinc in Zn-MnO2 battery using ERDA technique
  43. Sn–MnO[sub 2] Aqueous Rechargeable Battery
  44. The Anodic Behavior of Planar and Porous Zinc Electrodes in Alkaline Electrolyte
  45. The effect of B4C addition to MnO2 in a cathode material for battery applications
  46. Electrochemical characterization of an aqueous lithium rechargeable battery: The effect of CeO2 additions to the MnO2 cathode
  47. Microstructural and spectroscopic investigations into the effect of CeO2 additions on the performance of a MnO2 aqueous rechargeable battery
  48. Surface analysis on discharged MnO2cathode using XPS and SIMS techniques
  49. The influence of bismuth oxide doping on the rechargeability of aqueous cells using MnO2 cathode and LiOH electrolyte
  50. Improved performance of Bi2O3-doped MnO2 cathode on rechargeability in LiOH aqueous cell
  51. MnO2 cathode in an aqueous Li2SO4 solution for battery applications
  52. Examining manganese dioxide electrode in KOH electrolyte using TEM technique
  53. The Zn–MnO[sub 2] Battery: The Influence of Aqueous LiOH and KOH Electrolytes on the Intercalation Mechanism
  54. Behavior of γ-MnO2 Containing TiB2 as a Cathode in Aqueous Lithium Hydroxide Electrolyte Battery
  55. Behavior of γ-MnO2 Containing TiB2 as a Cathode in Aqueous Lithium Hydroxide Electrolyte Battery
  56. A study of lithium insertion into MnO2 containing TiS2 additive a battery material in aqueous LiOH solution
  57. TEM investigation of MnO2 cathode containing TiS2 and its influence in aqueous lithium secondary battery
  58. Manganese Dioxide Cathode in the Presence of TiS[sub 2] as Additive on an Aqueous Lithium Secondary Cell
  59. Electrochemical Behavior of LiFePO4 in Aqueous Lithium Hydroxide Electrolyte
  60. Electrochemical Behavior of LiFePO4 in Aqueous Lithium Hydroxide Electrolyte
  61. Redox behavior and surface characterization of LiFePO4 in lithium hydroxide electrolyte
  63. Electrochemical behavior of anatase TiO2 in aqueous lithium hydroxide electrolyte
  64. Electrochemical Behavior of Olivine-Type LiMnPO[sub 4] in Aqueous Solutions
  65. Lithium insertion into manganese dioxide electrode in MnO2/Zn aqueous battery
  66. Lithium insertion into manganese dioxide electrode in MnO2/Zn aqueous battery
  67. Lithium insertion into manganese dioxide electrode in MnO2/Zn aqueous battery