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  1. Evaluating the sensitivity of ornamental, fruit, and nut plants to 2,4-D and dicamba
  2. Integration of residual herbicides with cover crop termination in soybean
  3. Inversion Climatology in High-Production Agricultural Regions of Missouri and Implications for Pesticide Applications
  4. Dicamba Losses to Air after Applications to Soybean under Stable and Nonstable Atmospheric Conditions
  5. Investigations of the Potential Interactions Between Preemergence Residual Herbicides, Variety, and Seed Treatments in Soybean
  6. Molecular and physiological characterization of six-way resistance in anAmaranthus tuberculatusvar.rudisbiotype from Missouri
  7. Monitoring the Changes in Weed Populations in a Continuous Glyphosate- and Dicamba-Resistant Soybean System: A Five-Year Field-Scale Investigation
  8. Survey of Missouri Pesticide Applicator Practices, Knowledge, and Perceptions
  9. Ethylene signaling: new levels of complexity and regulation