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  1. Synchrophasor Sensors Assisted Novel Algorithm for Power System Protection Reinforcement and Health Monitoring
  2. A Real-Time Synchrophasor-Based Zone-3 Supervision of Distance Relays Under Load Encroachment Condition
  3. Synchrophasor Measurement-Assisted System Integrity Protection Scheme for Smart Power Grid
  4. A Real-Time Synchronized Harmonic Phasor Measurements-Based Fault Location Method for Transmission Lines
  5. Analysis and Modeling of Protection System Hidden Failures and Its Impact on Power System Cascading Events
  6. Probabilistic Study of Undervoltage Load Shedding Scheme to Mitigate the Impact of Protection System Hidden Failures
  7. Recent Trends on Performance Analysis of Latency on Wide Area Technologies in Smart Grids
  8. Remote monitoring system for real time detection and classification of transmission line faults in a power grid using PMU measurements
  9. Real-Time Wide-Area Disturbance Monitoring and Protection Methodology for EHV Transmission lines
  10. PMU based adaptive zone settings of distance relays for protection of multi-terminal transmission lines
  11. Robust fault analysis in transmission lines using Synchrophasor measurements
  12. Real-time implementation of phasor measurement unit using NI CompactRIO
  13. An adaptive supervised wide-area backup protection scheme for transmission lines protection
  14. Synchrophasor Assisted Adaptive Relaying Methodology to Prevent Zone-3 Mal-operation During Load Encroachment
  15. An adaptive secure-dependable wide-area backup protection scheme for transmission lines using Multi-Phasor Measurement Units
  16. Real-time fault analysis
  17. A wavelet based novel technique for detection and classification of parallel transmission line faults
  18. A case study on optimal phasor measurement unit placement for emerging Indian national smart grid