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  1. Real-time monitoring of pharmaceutical properties of medical tablets during direct tableting process by hybrid tableting process parameter–time profiles
  2. Simultaneous quantitative analysis of indomethacin and benzoic acid in gel using ultra-violet-visible spectrophotometry and chemometrics
  3. Preparation of Calcium Phosphate Coated Simvastatin-Loaded PLGA Microspheres Dispersed Alginate Hydrogel Beads as a Controlled Drug Delivery Carrier
  4. Preparation and Evaluation of Spray-Dried Nano-Hydroxyapatite/Saccharide Complex for Oral Administration
  5. Injectable simvastatin gel for minimally invasive periosteal distraction: In vitro and in vivo studies in rat
  6. Rapid identification of oral solid dosage forms of counterfeit pharmaceuticals by discrimination using near-infrared spectroscopy
  7. Development of Controllable Simvastatin-Releasing PLGA/β-TCP Composite Microspheres Sintered Scaffolds as Synthetic Bone Substitutes
  8. Physicochemical Characterization of Nano-Hydroxyapatite Prepared by a Wet Method
  9. Effect of ball milling on the physicochemical properties of atorvastatin calcium sesquihydrate: the dissolution kinetic behaviours of milled amorphous solids
  10. Real‐Time Monitoring of Changes of Adsorbed and Crystalline Water Contents in Tablet Formulation Powder Containing Theophylline Anhydrate at Various Temperatures During Agitated Granulation by Near‐Infrared Spectroscopy
  11. Real-time release monitoring for water content and mean particle size of granules in lab-sized fluid-bed granulator by near-infrared spectroscopy