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  1. Uncertainty Quantification in Molecular Signals Using Polynomial Chaos Expansion
  2. Numerical simulation of double-diffusive mixed convection and entropy generation in a lid-driven trapezoidal enclosure with a heat source
  3. Toward High Capacity Molecular Communications Using Sequential Vortex Rings
  4. Determining the Optimum Arrangement of Micromixers in a Microchannel Filled with CuO-Water Nanofluid via Minimizing Entropy Generation
  5. Analytical study of Al2O3-Cu/water micropolar hybrid nanofluid in a porous channel with expanding/contracting walls in the presence of magnetic field
  6. Numerical simulation of mixed convection heat transfer of nanofluid in a double lid-driven cavity using lattice Boltzmann method
  7. Investigation of Natural Convection Boundary Layer Heat and Mass Transfer of MHD water-Al2 O3 Nanofluid in a Porous Medium
  8. MHD forced convection and entropy generation of CuO-water nanofluid in a microchannel considering slip velocity and temperature jump
  9. Numerical study of magnetic field on mixed convection and entropy generation of nanofluid in a trapezoidal enclosure
  10. Analytical study of parameters affecting entropy generation of nanofluid turbulent flow in channel and micro-channel