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  1. School contextual factors and race differences in adolescent sexual behaviors
  2. Shifting Influences of Pregnancy on Union Formation Across Age and Union Stability Across Cohabitation Duration
  3. Adolescent Mental Health and Dating in Young Adulthood
  4. My mother’s husband
  5. Parent-Child Relationships in Stepfather Families and Adolescent Adjustment: A Latent Class Analysis
  6. Adolescents' Perceptions of Family Belonging in Stepfamilies
  7. Reflecting on the Diverging Destinies of American Families: Policy Approaches as We Move Forward
  8. Factors associated with positive relationships between stepfathers and adolescent stepchildren
  9. Religion and Ties Between Adult Children and Their Parents
  10. Bullying and Internalizing Problems: Gender Differences and the Buffering Role of Parental Communication