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  1. Combustion of Gaseous Alternative Fuels in Compression Ignition Engines
  2. Effect of Fuel Pilot Dose Parameters on Efficiency of Dual-Fuel Compression Ignition Engines Fuelled with Biogas
  3. Dual - fuel engine model Validation I
  4. Performance and emissions of a CRDI diesel engine fuelled with swine lard methyl esters–diesel mixture
  5. Validation of a zero-dimensional and 2-phase combustion model for dual-fuel compression ignition engine simulation
  6. Effect of CNG in a fuel dose on the combustion process of a compression-ignition engine
  7. Numerical Studies on Controlling Gaseous Fuel Combustion by Managing the Combustion Process of Diesel Pilot Dose in a Dual-Fuel Engine
  8. A Proposal Of Simulation Model Of A Wind-Steering System For Sailing Yachts, Based On Single-Stage Servo-Pendulum Coupled With Main Rudder
  9. On the adaptation of CAN BUS network for use in the ship electronic systems