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  1. Assessment of chicken breast meat quality after freeze/thaw abuse using magnetic resonance imaging techniques
  2. Reverse Stability Kinetics of Meat Pigment Oxidation in Aqueous Extract from Fresh Beef
  3. Temperature-dependent Henry's Law constants of 4-alkyl branched-chain fatty acids and 3-methylindole in an oil-air matrix and analysis of volatiles in lamb fat using selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry
  4. Gas-phase chemical ionization of 4-alkyl branched-chain carboxylic acids and 3-methylindole using H3 O+ , NO+ , and O2 + ions
  5. Degenerative primer design and gene sequencing validation for select turkey genes
  6. Early intestinal development and mucin transcription in the young poult with probiotic and mannan oligosaccharide prebiotic supplementation
  7. Temporal embryonic transcription of chicken fast skeletal myosin heavy chain isoforms in the single comb white leghorn
  8. Identification, purification and characterization of furfural transforming enzymes from Clostridium beijerinckii NCIMB 8052
  9. The Influence of Dietary Lysine on Yellow Perch Female Reproductive Performance and the Quality of Eggs
  10. Eukaryotic inhibitors or activators elicit responses to chemosensory compounds by ruminal isotrichid and entodiniomorphid protozoa
  11. The Influence of Dietary Lysine on Yellow Perch Maturation and the Quality of Sperm
  12. Growth, carcass, fiber type, and meat quality characteristics in Large White pigs with different live weights
  13. Comparative growth performance in different Japanese quail lines: The effect of muscle DNA content and fiber morphology
  14. Muscle fiber characteristics of pectoralis major muscle as related to muscle mass in different Japanese quail lines
  15. Feed restriction delays developmental fast skeletal muscle myosin heavy chain isoforms in turkey poults selected for differential growth
  16. Temporal myosin heavy chain isoform expression transitions faster in broiler chickens compared with Single Comb White Leghorns
  17. Hormonal Regulation of Feed Efficiency
  18. Comparative proteomic characterization of the sarcoplasmic proteins in the pectoralis major and supracoracoideus breast muscles in 2 chicken genotypes
  19. The effect of dietary dipeptide lysine–glycine on growth, muscle proteins, and intestine PepT1 gene expression in juvenile yellow perch
  20. Multivariate evaluation of 1-dimensional sarcoplasmic protein profile patterns of turkey breast muscle during early post-hatch development
  21. The effect of lysine-supplemented wheat gluten-based diet on yellow perch Perca flavescens (Mitchill) performance
  22. The ontogeny of delta-like protein 1 messenger ribonucleic acid expression during muscle development and regeneration: Comparison of broiler and Leghorn chickens
  23. Functional Proteomic Analysis Predicts Beef Tenderness and the Tenderness Differential
  24. Technical note: A gene delivery system in the embryonic cells of avian species using a human adenoviral vector
  25. Proteomic analysis of proteins associated with body mass and length in yellow perch,Perca flavescens
  26. Unidentified cells reside in fish skeletal muscle
  27. Proteins Associated with Thermally Induced Gelation of Turkey Breast Meat
  28. Turkey breast meat functionality differences among turkeys selected for body weight and/or breast yield
  29. Myofibrillar 1-D fingerprints and myosin heavy chain MS analyses of beef loin at 36 h postmortem correlate with tenderness at 7 days
  30. Electrophoretic variants of cardiac myosin heavy chain-α in Sprague Dawley rats
  31. Ventricular myosin heavy chain isoform expression is altered in vitro in low score normal chickens
  32. Improvement of the physicochemical properties of pale soft and exudative (PSE) pork meat products with an extract from mechanically deboned turkey meat (MDTM)
  33. Identification of a genomic locus containing three slow myosin heavy chain genes in the chicken
  34. Muscle Fiber Types in the Pectoralis of the White Pelican, a Soaring Bird