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  1. Is synoptic meteorology a driving mechanism of airborne pollen and spore dynamics?
  2. Monthly rainfall disparity in Catalonia: impact of location, altitude, and proximity to the coast
  3. Time trends, irregularity and multifractal structure of rainfall at Barcelona (1786–2019)
  4. A quality control procedure for daily rainfall series in a semiarid environment (Andalusia)
  5. A simple scaling analysis of rainfall in Andalusia (Spain) under different precipitation regimes
  6. Correction to: A study on correlations between precipitation ETCCDI and airborne pollen/fungal spore parameters in the NE Iberian Peninsula
  7. A study on correlations between rainfall and airborne pollen and spores in the NE Iberian Peninsula
  8. Potential contribution of distant sources to airborne Betula pollen levels in NE Iberian Peninsula
  9. Rainfall regime trends at annual and monthly scales in Catalonia (NE Spain)
  10. Autoregressive process of monthly rainfall in Catalonia and predictability of drought episodes
  11. The history of rainfall data time-resolution in a wide variety of geographical areas
  12. Characterization of standardized heavy rainfall profiles for Barcelona
  13. Multifractal structure of the monthly rainfall regime in Catalonia (NE Spain)
  14. Influence of regional and seasonal rainfall patterns on the ratio fixed/sliding measured intervals
  15. Quality control process of the daily rainfall series available in Catalonia from 1855 to the present
  16. Introduction to “Hydro-meteorological time series analysis and their relation to climate change”
  17. Analysis of synoptic patterns related to severe rainfall events in the Ebre Observatory (Catalonia)
  18. Return period curves for extreme 5-min rainfall amounts at the Barcelona urban network
  19. A single scaling parameter to describe the rainfall pattern of a place: application on Catalonia
  20. Effect of temporal aggregation on the estimate of annual maximum rainfall depths
  21. Rainfall intensity patterns derived from the urban network of Barcelona (NE Spain)
  22. On the consideration of scaling properties of extreme rainfall in Madrid (Spain) for developing a generalized intensity-duration-frequency equation and assessing probable maximum precipitation estimates
  23. A study of the scaling properties of rainfall in spain and its appropriateness to generate intensity-duration-frequency curves from daily records
  24. Analysis of extreme rainfall in the Ebre Observatory (Spain)
  25. Influence of climate change on IDF curves for Barcelona
  26. Multifractal analysis of rainfall in Barcelona
  27. Rainfall spatial organization and areal reduction factors in the metropolitan area of Barcelona (Spain)
  28. Estimation of the probable maximum precipitation in Barcelona (Spain)
  29. Analysis of extreme rainfall in Barcelona using a microscale rain gauge network
  30. The Estimation of Probable Maximum Precipitation: the case of Catalonia
  31. Analysis and objective mapping of extreme daily rainfall in Catalonia
  32. A methodology to classify extreme rainfall events in the western mediterranean area