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  1. Identifying and understanding determinants of regional differences in light-rail patronage and performance
  2. Does walkability around feeder bus-stops influence rapid-transit station boardings?
  3. Towards a better account and understanding of bus/rapid-transit interactions: The case of Los Angeles
  4. Synthesis of Household Yard Area Dynamics in the City of San Juan Using Multi-Scalar Social-Ecological Perspectives
  5. Streetcar (Tram) Resurgence in the United States
  6. Transit Performance of Modern-Era Streetcars
  7. A Cautionary Tale of Two Streetcars: Little Rock’s River Rail and Tampa’s TECO Line
  8. Modern streetcar and light-rail ridership factors in the U.S.
  9. Green area loss in San Juan’s inner-ring suburban neighborhoods: a multidisciplinary approach to analyzing green/gray area dynamics