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  1. Civic engagement and socio-economic proximity in urban areas
  2. Corruption and life satisfaction: evidence from a transition survey
  3. Entrepreneurial activities and women empowerment in rural India between microfinance and social capital
  4. Introduction to the special issue on institutions and culture in economic contexts
  5. Institutional Trust and Corruption: Evidence from Latin America
  6. Determinants of institutional trust: the role of cultural context
  7. Is tax morale culturally driven?
  8. Corruption Aversion, Social Capital, and Institutional Trust in a Dysfunctional Institutional Framework: Evidence from a Palestinian Survey
  9. Local Government Fiscal Policy, Social Capital and Electoral Payoff: Evidence across Italian Municipalities
  10. Institutional Quality and Illicit Capital Outflow: A Comparative Analysis of the Eastern European Countries
  11. Social Capital: A Roadmap of Theoretical and Empirical Contributions and Limitations
  12. Capital social, pobreza e exclusão social na Itália
  13. Putnam’s instrument revisited. The community network of the industrial districts and a new proxy of social capital
  14. Tax morale and prosocial behaviour: evidence from a Palestinian survey
  15. Trust and prosocial behaviour in a process of state capacity building: the case of the Palestinian territories
  16. Is Acting Prosocially Beneficial for the Credit Market?