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  1. In Pursuit of a Single Flame? On Schubert’s Settings of Goethe’s Poems
  2. Schubert Familiar and Unfamiliar: Continuing Conversations
  3. Schubert's Late Music
  4. A Place at the Edge: Reflections on Schubert’s Late Style
  5. Sound and Sense: Music and Musical Metaphor in the Thought and Writing of Goethe and His Age by Jo Tudor
  6. Introduction: Musical Responses to Goethe’sFaust
  7. Barbara M. Reul and Lorraine Byrne Bodley, eds, The Unknown Schubert Aldershot: Ashgate, 2008). xxx + 263pp. £50.00
  8. Discs 32–34
  9. Select bibliography
  10. Music of the orphaned self? Schubert and concepts of late style
  11. Introduction: Schubert's late style and current musical scholarship