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  1. Electronic Structure and Magnetic Properties of Lanthanide Molecular Complexes
  2. Thermal and optical control of electronic states in a single layer of switchable paramagnetic molecules
  3. Core-Hole Screening, Electronic Structure, and Paramagnetic Character in Thin Films of Organic Radicals Deposited on SiO2/Si(111)
  4. Beyond the anisotropy barrier: slow relaxation of the magnetization in both easy-axis and easy-plane Ln(trensal) complexes
  5. A spectroscopic characterization of a phenolic natural mediator in the laccase biocatalytic reaction
  6. Magnetic and Spectroscopic Investigation of Thermally and Optically Driven Valence Tautomerism in Thioether-Bridged Dinuclear Cobalt–Dioxolene Complexes
  7. Grafting Single Molecule Magnets on Gold Nanoparticles
  8. First time for thin films of paramagnetic organic radicals on gold
  9. A 3-D coordination network constructed from an angular bis-oxamato tecton and calcium ions
  10. Polynuclear nickel(II) complexes with salicylaldimine derivative ligands
  11. Radical‐Functionalised Gel: A Building‐Block Strategy for Magnetochiral Assembly
  12. Exploring the No-Man’s Land between Molecular Nanomagnets and Magnetic Nanoparticles
  13. Synthesis, crystal structure, magnetic properties and computational study of a series of cyano-bridged MnIII-FeIII complexes
  14. Lanthanides in molecular magnetism: old tools in a new field
  15. Slow Magnetic Relaxation from Hard-Axis Metal Ions in Tetranuclear Single-Molecule Magnets
  16. A New Cobalt(II)‐Layered Network Based on Phenyl(carboxymethyl) Phosphinate
  17. Cobalt-Dioxolene Redox Isomers: Potential Spintronic Devices
  18. Low-valent vanadium catecholate clusters
  19. Solvation effects on the valence tautomeric transition of a cobalt complex in the solid state
  20. Introduction of ester and amido functions in tetrairon(iii) single-molecule magnets: synthesis and physical characterization
  21. Ordering Magnetic Molecules within Nanoporous Crystalline Polymers
  22. Thermal Deposition of Intact Tetrairon(III) Single-Molecule Magnets in High-Vacuum Conditions
  23. Heterometallic 3d–4f coordination polymers: Synthesis, characterization and magnetic properties of 1D zigzag chains containing samarium and terbium
  24. Synthesis, characterization, and magnetic properties of new binuclear CuIICuII bis(oxamato) complexes
  25. Syntheses, crystal structures and magnetic properties of three new binuclear Ni(II) complexes derived from tripodal tetradentate (N4) ligands
  26. Complete Direct and Reverse Optically Induced Valence Tautomeric Interconversion in a Cobalt-Dioxolene Complex
  27. Molecular magnetism, status and perspectives
  28. Addressing single molecules of a thin magnetic film
  29. Thermodynamics of valence tautomeric interconversion in a tetrachlorodioxolene:cobalt 1:1 adduct
  30. Patterned monolayers of nitronyl nitroxide radicals
  31. Slow quantum relaxation in a tetrairon(III) single-molecule magnet
  32. On the way to the magneto‐optical characterization of trinuclear CuIICuIICuIIbis(oxamato) complexes
  33. A 2D Coordination Polymer with Canted Ferromagnetism Constructed from Ferromagnetic [NiIICoII] Nodes
  34. Multifrequency EMR and Magnetic Characterization of Synthetic Powdered Hematite
  35. Tuning the Charge Distribution and Photoswitchable Properties of Cobalt–Dioxolene Complexes by Using Molecular Techniques
  36. Nickel Complexes with N2O Donor Ligands: Syntheses, Structures, Catalysis and Magnetic Studies (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 32/2007)
  37. Relaxation dynamics of a photoinduced di-cobalt-tetraoxolene valence tautomer
  38. Highly Reduced, Polyoxo(alkoxo)vanadium(III/IV) Clusters
  39. Spin noise fluctuations from paramagnetic molecular adsorbates on surfaces
  40. Unravelling the chemical nature of copper cuprizone
  41. Valence tautomerism interconversion triggers transition to stable charge distribution in solid polymeric cobalt–polyoxolene complexes
  42. Unprecedented optically induced long-lived intramolecular electron transfer in cobalt–dioxolene complexes
  43. Ferromagnetic interactions in Ru(iii)–nitronyl nitroxide radical complex: a potential 2p4d building block for molecular magnets
  44. Optically induced valence tautomeric interconversion in cobalt dioxolene complexes
  45. Ligand design modulates photoinduced properties of cobalt-dioxolene valence tautomers
  46. Hydrothermal synthesis and structural characterization of a new 2D-layered vanadium diphosphinate: [VO(O2(C6H5)PCH2P(C6H5)O2)]
  47. The influence of ligand field effects on the magnetic exchange of high-spin Co(ii)-semiquinonate complexes
  48. High-field/ high-frequency EPR study on stable free radicals formed in sucrose by gamma-irradiation
  49. Inorganic−Organic Hybrids of the p , p ‘-Diphenylmethylenediphosphinate, pcp 2 - . Synthesis, Characterization, and XRPD Structures of [Sn(pcp)] and [Cu(pcp)]
  50. Non-Covalent Aggregation of Discrete Metallo-Supramolecular Helicates into Higher Assemblies by Aromatic Pathways: Structural and Chemical Studies of New Aniline-Based Neutral Metal(II) Dihelicates
  51. Synthesis and Characterisation of a Novel Copper(II) Azamacrocycle-Phosphonate 3D Polymeric Network
  52. Very Large Ising-Type Magnetic Anisotropy in a Mononuclear NiII Complex
  53. Very Large Ising-Type Magnetic Anisotropy in a Mononuclear NiII Complex
  54. Structure and Magnetism of a New Hydrogen-Bonded Layered Cobalt(II) Network, Constructed by the Unprecedented Carboxylate−Phosphinate Ligand [O 2 (C 6 H 5 )PCH 2 CO 2 ] 2-
  55. Dinuclear ruthenium bipyridine complexes with a bis(iminodioxolene)-meta-phenylene ligand: magnetic coupling and mixed valence character of the semiquinonato species
  56. Quinonoid Metal Complexes:  Toward Molecular Switches
  57. d- or f-Mononuclear and Related Heterodinuclear Complexes With [1+1] Asymmetric Compartmental Macrocycles
  58. Thermally and Light-Induced Valence Tautomeric Transition in a Dinuclear Cobalt–Tetraoxolene Complex
  59. Energy-Barrier Enhancement by Ligand Substitution in Tetrairon(III) Single-Molecule Magnets
  60. Polyoxolenes may provide a tool for designing paramagnetic molecules with predetermined spin topologies
  61. Bonding Coordination Requirements Induce Antiferromagnetic Coupling between m -Phenylene Bridged o -Iminosemiquinonato Diradicals
  62. Tetrahedral cobalt(ii) complexes stabilized by the aminodiphosphine PNP ligand [PNP = CH3CH2CH2N(CH2CH2PPh2)2]
  63. pH-Triggered intramolecular electron transfer in asymmetric bis-dioxolene adducts
  64. A 3D network of helicates fully assembled by π-stacking interactions
  65. HF-EPR to monitor electron transfer in mixed valence dioxolene metal complexes
  66. Novel polynuclear CuII/CoII complexes constructed from one and two Cu2Co triangles with antiferromagnetic exchange coupling
  67. High-Spin Metal Complexes Containing a Ferromagnetically Coupled Tris(semiquinone) Ligand
  68. Hydroxo-Bridged Cubane-Type Tetrairon(II) Clusters Supported by Sterically-Hindered Carboxylate Ligands
  69. Tuning the Magnetic Properties of the High-Spin Molecular Cluster Fe8
  70. Tuning the Magnetic Properties of the High-Spin Molecular Cluster Fe8
  71. Interfacial oxidation of decamethylferrocene by hexacyanoferrate: synthesis and characterization of [FeIII(η-C5Me5)2]3[FeIII(CN)6]·2CH2Cl2·6H2O
  72. A unique heteropentanuclear CuII2CoIICoIII2 complex, synthesised from metallic Cu and Co acetate in the presence of triethanolamine. Magnetic properties and a strong H-bond stabilised lattice
  73. Ferromagnetically Coupled Bis(semiquinone) Ligand Enforces High-Spin Ground States in Bis-metal Complexes
  74. Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in the Formation of a Dinuclear Gadolinium Semiquinonato Complex: Synthesis, High-Field EPR Studies, and Magnetic Properties
  75. Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in the Formation of a Dinuclear Gadolinium Semiquinonato Complex: Synthesis, High-Field EPR Studies, and Magnetic Properties
  76. Counter cation-controlled air oxidation of manganese derivatives of tetrachlorocatechol
  77. Antiferromagnetic Coupling in a Gadolinium(III) Semiquinonato Complex
  78. Antiferromagnetic Coupling in a Gadolinium(III) Semiquinonato Complex